Buy a Stroller at Disney?


It happens all of the time. People think their kids are ready to walk at Disney, so they show up without a stroller in hand and do not want to fall victim to the high rental rates at the gate. There is a solution for you!

Did you know that Disney sells strollers on property? It is true…and they are not all that bad. For $54.95 you can get an umbrella type stroller at any of the resort stores, in many of the shops in the park and Downtown Disney as well. This stroller has a cup-holder, canopy, and small basket area for you to store your items. Do fall victim to high rental prices at the park…if you are at Disney longer than 2 days and need a stroller, purchase one there.

*Tip-if you are flying, airlines allow you to roll the stroller right up to the gate and they check it for you for FREE!

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