Dee Kenney

 Travel Advisor-Yo hablo español

From her very first visit to Disney World in 1990, Dee developed a deep-seated passion for travel and creating memorable experiences. Her journey through her life has not just been metaphorical; Dee has also taken an expedition to understand her Mexican roots better, particularly spending time in the enthralling region of Cancun.

Cancun holds a special place in Dee’s heart; so much so, that she chose it to be the backdrop of her honeymoon – a testament to her love for this place. Today, Dee’s driving ambition is to create equally enchanting travel experiences for her clients based on her own wealth of travel experiences.

With her robust expertise in travel planning and her personal connection with Cancun, Dee offers a unique and well-rounded perspective for every itinerary she crafts. Join Dee as she promises to transform your typical vacations into meticulously designed journeys, steeped in rich experiences that will leave you with a lifetime of magnificent memories.

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