Disney 101~Special Events Part 1


Welcome to the very first session of Disney 101! We are so excited to have you here and we are commited to educating you on the ins and outs of Walt Disney World travel. If at any time you have questions, concerns or suggestions please do share in the comments section below.

*Don’t forget to check the course requirements here.

Before we begin I want to explain why we chose the topics that we chose for this entire Disney 101 course. Jenn and I are expert Disney travelers and also Disney travel planners. We talk to hundreds of Disney travelers a month and have seen common questions and concerns along the planning process. After collecting months of data  we have devised a series of posts that we are confident will help you plan the most magical Disney World vacation. As you can see from the course outline, these topics have been carefully chosen. You will see that we are not going to discuss the cost of things as that topic can be found anywhere. Our purpose is to share information with you so that you can then book/plan a vacation that is EXACTLY what you and your family are looking for. It is our hope you walk away from this feeling like a Disney Guru!!

Course 1-Special Events: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 

Halloween at Magic Kingdom is a truly unique experience. When you visit and purchase tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party you are going to be in for a real treat as you meet and greet your favorite Disney Characters dressed up in their costumes. In addition, you will see special events that can only be seen during the Halloween Party. Events such as Boo-to-You Halloween Parade and HalloWishes fireworks, dance parties with your favorite Disney Characters and even trick-o-treating. There is nothing like being in the Magic Kingdom after dark while the lights are dim and the haunted music is playing. But do not fear, everything was designed with the family in mind. :0)

The Bottom Line

Time-frame of Event:  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party happens on select nights beginning the second week in September and going through November 1 or 2.  These dates vary from year to year.

Cost: It is best to purchase your tickets in advance for this event as they will be a bit cheaper. Adult tickets range from $52.95-$58.95 and children’s tickets range from $47.95-$50.95. Except for Halloween Night when tickets will run you $69.95 per adult and $60.95 per child.

Crowds: This event can be very crowded. But the earlier in the week you attend the better the crowds are. For example, if you are visiting Disney World for a week and they offer the party on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Tuesday is going to be the best time of the week to attend the party. Weekends=Crowds! The closer you get to Halloween the more crowded the event will be.

Weather: September-November the weather changes quite a bit.

  • September average is 81.5 degrees with an average rainfall of 5.76″
  • October average is 75.5 degrees with an average rainfall of 2.73″
  • November average is 75.1 degrees with an average rainfall of 2.32″

Quality: This party is spectacular! Not only does it scream Disney through its elaborate theme and ambiance but the fact that you can join in on the fun by dressing up makes it the best holiday party all year round. Here at Disney Guru we give Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party two thumbs up!

Tips: If you are traveling to Disney World during the months of September-November you should know that Magic Kingdom closes at 7:00 PM to the general public the nights that this event is held.  If you do not hold a ticket to this event, you will be asked to leave. Wishes Fireworks will not be held on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party nights.  If you hold a ticket to this event you can enter Magic Kingdom at 4:00 PM the night your ticket is valid. Be sure to arrive early to secure your spot for Boo-to-You Parade in addition, the Headless Horseman passes down the parade route about 10 minutes prior to the parade start.

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival 

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is an event that takes place yearly in the fall. This event transforms Epcot into a food and wine lovers paradise. Through tastings, entertainment, and specialty food items this event is sure to please the palate. While Epcot always does a marvelous job of creating a place where you can  experience cultures from around the world Food and Wine is put together with ample tasting opportunities in mind .  This event is the ultimate food education event.

As you make your way around World Showcase your sense will be teased at the smells and sights of the various special food booths from around the world. In addition to a culinary delight you can also indulge in a plethora of adult beverage options.

The Bottom Line

Time-Frame of Event: Beginning 9/28 and ending on 11/11. This event is held daily.

Cost: Aside from the cost for the food and beverages all you need to get into Food and Wine is a park ticket. There are some events within Food and Wine that carry an added cost such as: Wine and Beverage Seminars, Daily Culnary Demonstrations, Food and Wine pairings, Party for the Senses and Wine View Lounge. Please call 407/WDW-FEST (939-3378) to book your special event.

Did you know the following events are FREE with your paid admission?

  • Eat to the Beat Concert Series
  • Authentic Taste Seminars
  • Authors without Borders
  • History of Beer in America
  • Taste of Puglia — Hosted by Taste of Puglia
    Comune di Andria-Qoco

Crowds: Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival can get very crowded especially on the weekends and evenings.

Weather: October and early November weather is by far the most highly desired weather time for Disney vacationers. In fact, in a recent poll among our fans we asked people what their favorite time of year to travel to Disney World was and October won by leaps and bounds. Average daily temperature are 74.3 degrees and also there is a very low precipitation rate with normal rainfall ranging from 0 to 2.73 for the month.

Quality: The quality of this event is outstanding! If you like food, enjoy trying new things, want to be full immersed by culture, people and a chill atmosphere including live bands…this is a must do event for you. Disney Guru gives this event two thumb up!


  • If you happen to be visiting Disney World during food and wine and you have a dining reservation around World Showcase, I would highly recommend a 30-40 minute walk time. Crowds do congest all areas around the lagoon.
  • Try something new!
  • Are you on the Disney Dining Plan? Use your snack credits!!
  • Grab the Food and Wine Festival Passport. See this amazing article written by Guru Jenn where she explains all about it.
This completes Part 1 of course 1. Tomorrow stay-tuned for part 2 of course 1 which  will still focus on Disney World special events.
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  • Marine Mom Jenny
    June 5, 2012 7:33 am

    Would love to go sometime during the Christmas season. We’re going for the first time in July! 39 days!

  • Going the week of 10/15..staying at art of animation & purchased my tickets for Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party already!!!

  • I am itching to go at Halloween! I went at Christmas last year and it is FABULOUS! Low crowds and cool-er weather! 🙂

    As for the food and wine festival.. only 3 hundred and some odd days until I can actually attend legally! 🙂

    Loving this class! Look forward to reading and learning! 🙂

  • We are going for the first time during the Food and Wine Festival this year!!! We plan on participating in the Halloween Party but haven’t purchased our tickets yet!!

    We have enjoyed the Flower and Garden Festival and the Christmas festivities in the past and just know that Epcot is a great place to visit when these special events are going on!! 🙂

  • We love going at Halloween time. It’s our favorite time of the year. Between the MNSSHP and the F&WF we have everything covered.

    I can’t wait to use some of my snack credits on the yummy food!

    Loving the class and can’t wait for more!!

  • Such a helpful post! We are planning to go next year around Halloween and wondered if the Halloween party was worth it! Thanks!!

  • We cannot wait to experience Mickey’s Not So Scary! It’s our first ever trip to Disney, and this is going to be such a great event to attend. We’ver heard wonderful things about it!

  • Michelle Murry
    June 5, 2012 12:56 pm

    Thank you for tips. I am hoping to use this one day when I go WDW

  • I have never been to MNSSHP, but looking forward to going to that and the F&WF soon. I love learning in this class.

  • I have a question about MNSSHP. The cost for the tickets (Adults $52.95-$58.95 & children $47.95-$50.95) gets you in the park on those evenings that the event takes place. Is this the only cost or is it plus the cost of regular admission? I have a confused advisor who needs to be set straight!! Thank you!! 🙂

  • I’m hoping to make it for the Food & Wine Festival some day, but since I’m a teacher, it might be tricky.

  • We have annual passes and we just love all the special events even those included with park admission. My husband and I took our girls to Epcot’s Flower Power concert series to introduce the kids to other eras of music. A great bonding experience.

  • Hi Beckie…you will not need to pay for entrance into the park when you purchase the Halloween Party Ticket. This ticket is only good for the event between the hours of 4-12AM the day of the party. So if you want to go to the party during the day you will need a park ticket. :0)

  • What is Disney policy for cancelling or rescheduling the Halloween Party if weather bad?

  • I have been to both the MNSSHP and the F&WF and loved them! I also was fortunate enough to attend the Party for the Senses! Great times!
    Thank you Gurus! 🙂

  • This year, I believe we are going to do MVMCP. With Halloween being one of Heather’s favorite holidays, I see us doing MNSSHP in the future, though.

  • Thanks for the tips. Hope to make it to MNSSHP this year!

  • We have not gone to MNSSHP yet but would love to try it on a visit soon!

  • We are going to MNSSHP for the first time this fall and just can’t wait!! We went to the Christmas party last November and had an amazing time and I’ve heard that the Halloween party is even better. So excited!

  • Mike, hands down MNSSHP is the BEST party at Disney….the BEST!

  • Hi Barbara,

    Unfortunately, Disney does not cancel the party due to weather therefore there are no refunds or rescheduling the tickets. :0(

  • This will be our second trip in October and I agree it is a great time to go. We can hit both MNSSHP and F&W

  • Our next trip is planned to let us take part in both these events! I am so excited for the food and wine festival! We LOVE good food, and are planning on the deluxe dining plan so we have MUCHO snack credits just for the food and wine festival goodness!

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  • Thank you very much, Kelly!

  • Brandy hobbs
    June 7, 2012 10:36 am

    We love visiting Disney during the mnsshp!! It’s so much fun!!

  • as annual pass holders we go to the Food and Wine Festival frequently. We love it and the concert series are great! I am waiting for my little one to get just a bit older for the MNSSHP – it is hard though to pay extras fro a ticket when we have passes already!

  • This is such a great tip! I had no idea that we could enter the park at 4 if we just purchase a MNSSHP ticket! Is it the same for the MVMCP?

  • Angela yes you can. :0)

  • I am so excited to attend both of these events! I have never been to Disney World! This is going to be so much fun for my hubby and boys (they are ages 4 and 5).

  • Hi Amie! Thanks for stopping by today. You are going to LOVE both events they are simply amazing!

  • I would love to experience both of these events! What an amazing way to spend Halloween! The food & wine festival sounds right up mine & my sisters alley, so who knows, maybe in a few years as school calendars don’t allow us to go at this time!

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