Disney Cruise Line: Teen Clubs

Last time we met about Disney Cruise Line, we discussed kids clubs and all they have to offer for infants through age 10. Click here to catch up on that post.  This week we will discuss teens on Disney Cruise Line.

What do you think of when you think of teens and their interests? I think of; private space, tons of technology, high energy dance music and dance floors, meet and greet areas, chill out areas, large movie screens, private pools (available on the Disney Fantasy) and deck, alcohol-free bar, and organized activities just for teens ages 11-17. Well you guessed it, this and much more is available for your teen when you vacation on a luxury Disney Cruise Line vacation!

How can Disney make teens between ages 12-17 happy when the ages are so spread apart?

Your teens will enjoy an even more intimate setting as the teen clubs are broken down into even smaller groups. The Edge is a teen club for ages 11-14. Here your teen will be immersed in a modern technology lover’s dream. This particular area of the ship offers a beautiful view of the upper deck and pools. Teens can see out but others cannot see in. In addition, teens will have a super fun silhouetted view of the Aquaduck as riders race pass the windows.

Here is a preview of activities in The Edge:

  • Ghost Voyagers-Equipped with state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment teens will search to solve a ship mystery.
  • That’s Hilarious- With the help of teen counselors your teen will transform into a comedian.

Each Disney ship has a teen club called Vibe ages 14-17. This club is a high energy place for teens to chill out, and have some fun with fellow teens their age. Teen fun will focus on parties, dancing and socializing which are all a high priority on any teens list of must do’s. In addition to the many activities listed below teens also have 3 exclusive shore excursions that they can partake in.

Here is a preview of the many offerings that Disney Cruise Line has for teens:

  • 411-Get the Info-Teens meet their counselors and learn more about the day ahead.
  • Welcome Party- Teens can sing, dance and socialize with other teens.
  • Shooting Stars-Create a movie with other fellow teens.
  • Sports Trivia- Are you a sports fan? Test your knowledge with this fun, yet challenging trivia.
  • Teen Karaoke
  • The Glow Jam-Using glow in the dark equipment teens will compete in  various sport games.

D-Lounge (Disney Fantasy & Disney Dream) Studio Sea ( Disney Magic and Disney Wonder)

This are of the ship is a place for the entire family to enjoy some fun and entertainment together. Activities can include live music, karaoke, games and much more. These lounges can be described as  family nightclubs.


Each ship is equipped with an arcade that has classics such as pin-ball and air hockey as well as the latest  and greatest games that kids love to play. The arcade features a cashless play system. You can purchase a play card which will load credits right to your Key to the World Card. Then you can swipe your card at each game. Cards can be reloaded.

Chill Spa (Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy)-Click to Enlarge

This is a luxury spa designed just for teens ages 13-17. Here your teen will be offered a wide variety of pampering and spa treatments.

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