Disney Guru Countdown Calendar 2012

Every year my family and I try to get as creative as we can with creating an all new countdown calendar. We have an absolute blast counting down our vacation and it helps make the time go just a bit quicker. In our home the countdown begins the day we book our vacation, which is usually about 270 days out from our trip. But the official, countdown begins when we do the double digit dance, this is when we break out the calendar and start getting VERY excited!

Just a few days ago my boys and I put on our crafty hats and made our creation. This one is super special to me because we finally created a calendar that we can use year after year.  Enjoy!!!  Happy Planning!



The Supplies

  • Measuring Device
  • 20 multi-colored Disney Paint Swatches from Home Depot
  • Scrapbooking Letters
  • Disney Stickers for Decoration
  • Glue Sticks
  • High End Crafting Glue (I used E6000)
  • Disney Ribbon( Can be found at any craft store or WalMart)
  • Mini Clothespins or other Hanging Devices
  • Black Foam Board
  • Index Cards (no lines)
Step 1: 
Measure out where you would like the letters to go. For us we wanted to put the “Countdown to Disney” in the middle on the board.  We did not got to crazy about it being centered. :0) This step was perfect for Logan as he is learning to spell ….he loved this.
Step 2:
Next we added the mini clothespins under the words. These are going to hold the countdown cards. This step was perfect for my little Lucas to do.
Step 3:
Then we glued the Mickey paint swatches onto the white index cards.  We start our countdown at 99 days so we needed 2 sets of 10 cards labeled 0-9.  We wanted to mix up the colors so the boys each picked 10 random colors to glue down.  This was great for both boys as they each had their own pile to glue down.
Step 4:
Then Logan added the number 0-9 to 2 sets of the cards. This is a great way for your little ones to practice writing their numbers.
Step 5: 
While the cards dried off to the side, I glued down the ribbon along the edge of the board. The reason I did this step is because the glue is very strong and I did not want the kids to get it all over or to get burned. They both sat very nice while I did my part. :0)
Step 6: 
Once the ribbon is added the kids went to town on decorating the board. They really had a fun time with this.
Step 7:
Add the leftover piece of fabric as a hanging piece and hang your calendar for all to see!
When you make your Disney Countdown be sure to share it with us!! We would love to see your creation.
See ya real soon!