Shop but don’t Schlep


When visiting Walt Disney World (especially with children) you always seem to have lots to carry.  Once you are in the parks (especially with children) you will tend to accumulate more things — I’m talking about merchandise purchases!

While you might try to make purchases as you exit the park, sometimes you have to buy something when you see it regardless of the time of day.

Disney offers several complimentary services to help you remain unburdened.


Package Pick Up is available to anyone visiting the parks.  You have the option to send your purchases to a designated pick up point at the front of the park.  Resort guests can also have their packages sent to their resort.  There are two caveats to this service.  First of all, you must not be checking out the next day.  Secondly, the package is delivered to one central location at the resort, usually the main building at the gift shop.

If you purchase something you’d rather not have to deal with packing, Disney does provide home delivery.  I have used this once when we purchased parts of the monorail system with castle and other pieces.  There was an additional cost for shipping, but it was worth the piece of mind.

  • At check out, inform your cast member you are interested in package pick up, package delivery or home delivery.
  • The cast member will process the merchandise and give you a form to fill in.
  • After the transaction is complete, you will receive a copy of the Package Pick Up form.
  • Retrieve your package in the park or at your resort.

If you choose the front of the park option, there are specific places designated to pick up.

While visiting the Magic Kingdom, you will find the Package Pick Up under the train station at Station Break.

At EPCOT, you will see signs at the Entrance Plaza for package pick up.  It is outside the turnstiles at the far west side of the plaza area.

Hollywood Studios uses Oscar’s Super Service near the entrance turnstiles for its package pickup.

Your pick up area at Animal Kingdom is located near the turnstiles as well.  you will see the sign at Garden Gate Gifts.


There is no package pick up available at Downtown Disney so be prepared to carry carry carry!! (I have been able to ship some items home from Once Upon a Toy.)

Feel free to shop all you want in the parks now that you know you won’t have to carry it all with you all day long!  I’d hate to see that Tinkerbell snow globe get crushed on Big Thunder!!!


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  • Have you ever had any purchases sent back to the resort? My husband has talked about this, but I get scared that my packages will get lost. (And I would have no clue what to do if they didn’t make it back to the resort.)

  • Hi Andrea…we use this service all of the time and do not have any issues. In addition, I have used Disney’s postal service to ship my Christmas ornaments to me …that did take a little long but they did arrive. Thanks for stopping by today!

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