Disneyland’s World of Color~Guest Post

Today’s post is brought to you by our very own Disney Guru Fan Michelle Murry. She is an avid Disneyland traveler and loves to share it with YOU!!

Each time that I am at the Disneyland Resort, I tried to see the World of Color Show at California Adventure. It’s a wonderful and beautiful display of water, lights, fire, and your favorite characters. It’s a show that has more than 1,000 jets of water streaming through the air. The images are projected on a big scene made of water.  The water, lights, and fire are cued to the music that is playing. The water after each show is recycled and cleaned. So, it’s an environment friendly show. When installing everything that it needed for World of Color, they drained out the water at Paradise Pier. They stored the water somewhere in Orange, so they can reuse it to fill it up again.

There are a couple of ways to see the show. The first way, is to get a Fastpass for it when California Adventure opens and wait in line. Fastpass is located at Grizzly River Run. There are signs to show you where it’s located. They have a couple of shows a night. So, when you getting your Fastpass you aren’t able to dictate what time you can see it. So, if you don’t want the 1st show, you might want to go later in the day to get the fast passes for the 2nd show. On the fast pass, it will tell you what color section that you will be in. The second way, is the dining option. You can dine at Ariel’s Grotto, Wine Country Trattoria, or order a picnic dinner at Sonoma Terrace. The cost can be anywhere from 14.99 to 39.99 depending on where you are dining. The fast pass is included with the dining option. You will be seating in the Reserved Section. I would recommend making your reservations before going to California Adventure.

When it’s time to go see that show, you will want to get there early. It usually fills up fast for the closer standing room. But anywhere, you go you will be able to see the show. The show is standing room only. They do have handicap seating in each of the sections. When choosing on where you are going to stand, I would choose wisely. There are certain rows that you will get wet. So, if you want to stand closely and get wet, you want the very bottom row. If you don’t, want to get very wet, you want the middle and top rows. But if it’s a windy day there, depending on the wind direction, you may get wet in the middle row. When I have gone to see it, I stood in the colored middle row by the railings.  I did get wet as it was windy both times. When I stood in the Reserved Viewing Area by the railings, I didn’t get wet as it wasn’t windy that day.

In closing, this is wonderful show that you see every time you go. I first time I saw the show last year, I was totally in awe. They do update show every so often. In addition, they add some holiday extras during the year.

Enjoy the photo gallery!!