Disney’s Parks Pre-Park Entry – Strollers and Security

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Disney Guru’s Off Site Concierge…aka Guru Jenn…aka DisSavvy rocks the house this week with tips to get you through Disney security. Don’t forget to visit Jenn daily on her Facebook page for an extra splash of Disney magic! Take it away Jenn….

A LOT happens before you set foot inside a Disney theme park.  Not only do you have to get yourself and your family members out the door of your resort – you have to TRAVEL to the parks with some mode of transportation.  Unless you are staying at the Contemporary, Yacht/Beach Club, Boardwalk, Swan or Dolphin, you are going to be using some form of motorized transportation to get to a park.

When bringing strollers into the parks, keep in mind that buses do not allow open strollers!  During busy travel times, you may have to fold your stroller on monorails and friendships to make room for other guests.

Of course, if you drive, your stroller will be folded already.  Once you’ve parked, do not load your stroller completely until you’ve made it to the front gate.  If you take a parking tram to the front of the park, you will have to fold your stroller yet again.

On to the next barrier to entry – the security checkpoint.  Since 9/11, Disney instituted additional security measures to make guests feel safer in the parks.  What does this mean to you?  It’s another line to wait in with no reward at the end!

It's never this empty

BUT there are some tips to get you through these lines!

First of all, security guards are checking ALL bags.  Anything that holds something is considered a bag.  If in doubt, it’s a bag.  Fanny packs, purses, camera cases, diaper bags, plastic grocery bags, zippered pouches within a bag – it’s all  a bag.

At each park, you will approach tables with a security guard at the end.  The guard checks bags on either side so choose one table and a side and move along.  While you are in that line, unzip compartments, open everything up and have it ready for that guard.  If you wait until you’re saying hello, you’ve slowed the line.


When you have made it past this guy (or someone else dressed like this that has just checked all your stuff), you are in the clear and can pack up your stuff exactly how you want it in your stroller for the rest of the day!

There is an option for guests who are not carrying any bags at all to enter at a separate entrance to avoid these long lines.  When we arrive at the parks, I rush ahead with bags to get in a security line while my hubby and kids leisurely stroll through the no bag line.

If you are travelling without children, I strongly suggest you go light because once you have kids, you’ll never be without a bag of stuff again!!!  A pair of shorts with a pockets for my phone in one side and my slim wallet with tickets and money in the other and I’m ready to go.

Now you have the tools for smooth entry into any of the 4 Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.  Wait to pack up the stroller until you’re through security and have ALL bags open and ready BEFORE you get to the table!  If we all did this, we’d have less time waiting at security and have more time to wait for Peter Pan’s Flight or the Flying Dumbos or Toy Story Mania or Soarin’ – you get the point!