Fun at Epcot’s Space Base

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Money Saver Monday!!

Sometimes saving money is not about actually purchasing something but about getting more for your money. Disney just amazes me every single corner I turn. I don’t know how they do it but they truly think of everything!!!!!! We travel with small children to Disney, but we like to go on rides. My husband and I are the type of Disney travelers that want our kids to see and do everything they want, but we also like to do things we like to. That can me from time to time that someone needs to sit off with kids that either can’t or wont get on certain attractions. What Disney has done is strategically placed attractions within or around attractions. What I mean by that is that certain rides will have alternate things to do in them for people that may not be partaking in the ride.

Mission Space comes to mind for me. I am not a huge fan of Mission Space and that is not because it is not a wonderful ride…I just don’t want to be sick so I either opt out or ride the safe version….yeah so what I am a chicken. Last month I decided to opt out of the ride entirely. Rather than wait outside I decided to go inside the building and check out the shopping but what I found was much better. They have a playland in there…an actual playland!! My 3 year old son Lucas had a blast playing in the tubes and hitting all of the buttons.  Not only did they have a playland but there is a gaming center in there as well. My 14 year old daughter and my mom had a blast playing the space related games while we waited for the rest of our group to get off of the ride. The best part of this area is it is FREE!

The attraction is located in the perfect spot inside of Mission Space and close to Test Track. I would highly recommend taking your family there to blow off a little steam and participate in some space fun!  There is something for every age and it is a great place to have fun while you wait…or to just have some fun! Disney sure does think of everything!

See ya real soon!


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