03 Sep 2015

Guru Tips – A Collection of Experiences

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We are continuing our Best of the Best tips from our Guru Travel Professionals. Enjoy!

Traveling to Walt Disney World as a mom of three, who on their first trip were 3.5 years old, 2 years old and 10 months, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons on how to enjoy every minute in the parks even with lots of diaper changes, maneuvering two strollers through the crowds and keeping our smaller ones entertained while the big “kids” can still enjoy the thrill rides. But of all the lessons I have learned, here are a few of my most important ones I like to share with anyone traveling to Disney with little ones for the first time:

If you are traveling with little ones who have pacifiers, sippy cups and bottles, remember to pack some dish detergent to wash all those items. A lesson I learned the hard way on my first trip as a mom!

If you are a family of five with one child under the age of 3, but your littlest one is too big for a pack and play, yet you would like to stay at a resort that only has the two double or queen beds in the room, bring a small infant tent (we had one of the UV solar tents that folds up and fits in the front pocket of our luggage). It fit perfectly in the room and Mousekeeping gave us plenty of extra bedding to give my little one her own little bed inside the tent.

One of the things I always had on hand when heading to the parks was glow sticks. Some of the rides are very dark and having a glow stick gives just enough light so that your little one can see what is around them, but not so much that it disturbs any of the other guests. These are also great if you plan to head into the parks at night.

Standing in line is part of a Disney vacation. There is no avoiding that. Have a plan for waiting in line. It is a great time to play I Spy, show the kids the pictures you have taken already that day (our camera has a slideshow feature with music which my kids happen to love!), carry a small magnetic board in your day bag to play tic-tac-toe, erase a face or to just draw and of course, you can always take out the park map and plan where you will go next or check off the things you have already done.

But of all the tips I can share, here is the most important one: Enjoy every second of the vacation! Take your time through the parks. There is so much to see and do without even considering the attractions! Your children will not remember the time you raced to Splash Mountain and there was only a 5 minute wait. They will remember the moments that made them laugh and made them smile, and those will be the moments you too will hold dear to your heart.

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My grandson Oscar (5), son Johnathan, sister Kim and I went to Disney World for a week.  When I first had the thought to go I thought, where do I begin?  I put a shout out on FaceBook and discovered that Beth was a guru.  All I had to give her was my dates and we started from there.  She gave me options for resorts, told me about the dining plan, park hopper, fast passes and resorts to stay in.  She walked me through every step of the way.  I know that our vacation would not have been half as fun or organized if not for Beth.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  I would ask a silly question, she would reply and not make me feel like it was silly.  There is so much to Disney that I know it would have been a nightmare without her.  She is always, friendly and helpful.  She never tried to sway my opinion one way or another and let me make the decisions.  I would definitely have been lost without her.  I recommend her to everyone who says they want to go to Disney World.  Thank you Beth for the vacation of a lifetime.

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