Guru Tips – Mixed Bag of Tricks and Tips

31We are continuing with tips from our team of Guru Travel Professionals. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Donna Kay, a proud member of the Guru Travel team of travel professionals, and I would love to share some of my favorite Walt Disney World travel tips with you. First, if you stay at a Deluxe Resort take advantage of the room service. After a long day in the park there’s nothing better than a relaxing (and tasty) meal served to you in your resort room. You can take your time eating your meal, the kids can nap and eat later, you don’t have to get dressed up to go out. One of the best meals my family has ever had at Disney!
Next, bring a package of mixed color sharpies for autographs. The different colors will look great in your autograph book (or scrapbook), the bold lines will be easier to read, and choose a color that reminds you of the character who is signing the autograph (blue for Cinderella, red for Mickey, etc.). Bonus tip – use an unusual item to collect autographs. Some great ideas – a large book full of Disney stories, a pillowcase, a large Vinylmation, a photo mat.
Speaking of autographs, interact with the character for your picture instead of the classic “look at the character and smile” pose. Sip pretend tea with Alice, show your muscles with Gaston, offer Snow White an apple or ask Belle for a book recommendation. The pictures and memories you make will be priceless!
Pressed pennies are a fun, interactive and inexpensive souvenir. To get the best looking pennies start with ones that were minted before 1982, they have a higher copper content and look much better. Also clean your pennies before pressing them, the better they look before the are pressed the better they will look after they are pressed.
Finally, let the kids plan a day in their favorite park. Let them plan with absolutely no input from you, and don’t change their plans. You will learn some new things about your kids, and I can assure you they will be much better at planning than you think.  They will be so proud of themselves and will have so much fun on their special day, and it could just be your favorite as well!
Have a Magical Day!!
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