Here’s What You Need To Know About The Cancun Airport Health Questionnaire

There is a lot to learn right now while traveling anywhere. Of course, travel pre-covid can cause stress. This is why our Guru Travel Advisors are travel educators. We are committed to solving all travel problems before you even know they exist. One snafu I personally encountered on my recent trip to Cancun is the departure health questionnaire.

Mexico has a new process to depart to go back home. You now need to scan a health questionnaire QR code and fill out the form. Once you fill it out, you will be given a QR code which you have to show to the security officer before you can go through screening.

You’re thinking, simple! Not so fast. WIFI in the airport can be an issue. Also, some people may not have smartphones or their phones may not be charged. I am telling you this because I witnessed a lot of stress, including my own when I could not get the form to pull up. Please be ready to fill this form out for each traveler in your travel party. Your phone needs to be charged and you need to know how to use a QR code when you travel. This is imperative.

Steps to a Stress Free Departure:

  • Scan the QR code below and save the form on your phone.
  • Fill it out from your resort hotel while you are on reputable WIFI.
  • Once you fill it out, you will be given a departure QR code.
  • Take a screenshot of that page.
  • You are ready to submit it to security.

Super easy when you do it this way!! An educated traveler is a happy traveler.

For your reference here is a link to the questionnaire but remember, you have to have the QR code and it needs to be dated the same day you depart. Below is a picture of the QR code you can scan to get to the form for your reference.

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