Hidden Mickey’s of Disneyland

Today Michelle Murray an avid Disney Guru fan shares her love of finding Hidden Mickey’s at Disneyland!!  Do you and your family search for Hidden Mickey’s when you vacation to Disney World? 

As many of us know, that Disneyland/WDW has many secrets that we all would like to know about. One of the many secrets is Hidden Mickey’s that the Imagineers scattered throughout the parks, rides, Downtown Disney, and the hotels that are on property.

A little history about the Hidden Mickey’s; They started in the late 70’s or early 80’s, while they were building Epcot.  Guests and cast members started spotting them through the park.  Today, Hidden Mickey’s are anticipated in new Disney construction.

So, what is a Hidden Mickey? Well, it’s a complete Mickey Mouse head. But, there are also some Disney characters are Hidden Mickeys. They could be Donald Duck, Jimnie Cricket, Minnie Mouse to name a few. They can also be Mickey’s shoes, gloves, handprints, or even his ears!

There are many publications of books about finding Hidden Mickey’s. The most well known one is by Steven M. Barrett. He has one for WDW, Disneyland, and the Disney Cruise Line. I believe that you can buy the WDW one at the park. In addition,  you can buy the Disneyland one at the park.

So, whenever I go to Disneyland, I have my Hidden Mickey book with me all the time. That way while I am in the queue waiting, I will pull my book out and look to see if I can find any. I may even be talking to people about trying to find a Hidden Mickey.  Hidden Mickey hunting is fun for the whole family.

Enjoy my Hidden Mickey’s which I have found at Disneyland and California Adventure.