Disney 101~ Accommodations Part 1


Welcome back to Disney 101! Now that you are an expert on the HOT Special Events around Walt Disney World you may start to have an idea of what time of year you would like to travel to Disney. The next step in planning your Disney vacation is picking where you would like to stay.

* Just in case if you missed our Special Events courses be sure to catch up here. 

This choice is going to impact your trip tremendously, from cost to size to proximity to comfort. While both Jenn and I feel that cost is a HUGE deciding factor as to where families stay when they travel to Disney World that information is generic because people really want to know the value of each resorts as well as  the proximity of the resorts. Together, Jenn and I have broken up the resorts by area. It is our hope that based on proximity and value you will be able to pick an accommodation that fits the needs of your family.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Area Resorts 

When you stay around the Hollywood Studios area you are going to be in for a real treat!  Not only are these resorts within minutes of Disney’s Hollywood Studios but you are also within minutes of Epcot.  The following resorts are located are considered Disney’s Hollywood Studios area resorts:

Disney’s Pop Century Resort- This resort allows you to take a stroll down memory lane with the biggest hits of 20th-century pop culture.  You will experience a plethora of time period classics such as fashion, music, catchphrases, toys, dances and much more when you stay at Pop Century. Children and adults will enjoy the scattered larger-than-life icons around the resort.


  • One of the only resorts on Disney property that does not share buses.
  • Everything Pop Shop and Dining has one of the BEST on site stores and Food Courts on Disney property.
  • 3 Swimming Pools
  • Goofy’s Splash Pad for smaller children
  • Children’s Pool
  • Arcade
  • Recreation activities as well as Disney movies under the stars.
Room Type:
  • Rooms can accommodate up to four Guests, plus once child under the age of 3 in a crib.
  • All rooms have 2 double beds or 1 king-size bed.

Best Area of the Resort:

My personal preference is to stay in the Preferred Pool View in the 60’s building 1st floor.  Not only are you a 1 minute walk to the food court but you are also super close to the bus. Most importantly, you are very close to all of the FUN!


  • This resort is a lot of fun! Take the time to walk the grounds and look at all of the icons and memorabilia.
  • When you walk through the lobby check out the memory shadow boxes.
  • Try the Tye-Dye Cheesecake…it is a Pop staple.
  • Pop is within walking distance to Art of Animation…hop on over and check out their food court.
Distance from Pop to the Parks:
Magic Kingdom: 7 miles
Epcot: 3 miles
Hollywood Studios: 3 miles
Animal Kingdom: 5 miles
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort- Become a character in your favorite Disney story! From the playful courtyards to the festive room decor you are sure to feel the Disney magic all around you.  Chose from four themes when booking your room Little Mermaid regular resort rooms, or one of three family suites Lion King, Nemo, Cars. * Please note this resort is opening in phases from May 31-September 15, 2012.
  • Art of Animation is the only Disney themed resort on property.
  • The Big Blue pool is the largest resort pool on Disney property.
  • The Flavors Food Court is a one of a kind food court featuring higher end healthy food choices. Many of the dining options are made to order.
  • Within walking distance to Pop Century so you can share food courts.
Room Type:
  • Family suites accommodation up to six Guests.
  • Standard rooms accommodate up to 4 guests, plus one child under the age 3 in a crib.
Best Area of the Resort:
  • The Finding Nemo Suites are centrally located to the main lobby. In addition they are closest to the main pool.
  • If it is not in your budget to stay in a family suite try out the Standard Little Mermaid rooms for 4 guests.
  • Take advantage of  the playful courtyards. Disney Imagineers have put a lot of thought into this resort…there is a lot to see and do.
Distance from Art of Animation to the Parks: 
Magic Kingdom: 7 miles
Epcot: 3 miles
Hollywood Studios: 3 miles
Animal Kingdom: 5 miles
Be sure to join us tomorrow for part 2 of Disney accommodations.  Do you have specific questions? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Do you want help planning your next Disney vacation? Contact Kelly at Kelly@thewdwguru.com.




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  • Cannot wait for AOA in November!

  • Mark Cothern
    June 12, 2012 8:53 am

    I’m a little confused by this statement as a perk of the Art of Animation resort:

    Art of Animation is the only Disney themed resort on property.

    Is that what you meant to say?

  • Mark yes it is…this is the only Disney themed resort on property which might draw families that are looking for these accommodations. This is considered a perk for Disney travelers. If you have specific questions please contact me directly.

  • Michelle Atkinson
    June 12, 2012 9:14 am

    This is the section of the course that I’m most looking forward to. To me, staying onsite has always been one of the best parts of going to Disney. I love being immersed in the Disney magic 24 hours while we are there.

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  • I have not researched the Art of Animation Resort yet, but what “level” resort is it considered? Value, Moderate etc…..Does the Art of Animation Resort share a bus?

  • other question….what size are the beds in the Art of Animation Resort?

  • The Hollywood Studios area resorts would be a great place to stay! Very close to so many attractions. Thanks for all the great info!

  • I would love to stay in AOA! If my in-laws join us we just might get it and split the cost with them. My kids would go gaga over the cars section, or finding Nemo! I want to stay there so bad!

  • I loved stayng at POP, and would like to try AOA, but am wondering if it will be too big of a resort?? Glad that they are doing more Disney themed rooms!! I would love to be wrapped in Disney 24 hours a day!!

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  • Marine Mom Jenny
    June 13, 2012 1:27 pm

    We’re planning to stay in the Pirate Rooms at CBR, but it’s nice to read about all the others also! Maybe our NEXT trip! 🙂

  • I’m thinking AoA or Pop next trip 😉

  • I’ve always heard POP was the best value resort to stay at and I’m pretty excited to check it out. I would Love to stay at AOA but I think we’ll just visit it while we are at the POP!

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