HOT! Travel Agent Questions You Are Asking




It happens every day. We consult with new clients and there are several questions that they ask us each and every time. I’ve decided to compile the list to help you better know how we work and what we do. Our main mission is to educate travelers so that they feel empowered to continue to travel.

  1. How does a travel agent work? There are several different ways that a travel agent works. The great thing about working with a travel agent is knowing that each company does it differently, this means that there is a fit for everyone. Here’s what I can tell you about Guru Travel.
    1. We do not cost more money. In fact, our clients report that we save them money and in some cases we even price match and beat pricing shown online. How do we save you? Because we have more options than you can find. AND our options are ones we know because we have traveled there, cruised on it, stayed there, eaten there etc. Our knowledge saves you time and money. And we are free!
    2. Guru Travel offers price match. Yep, it’s that simple. Simply ask your Guru Travel Professional.
    3. Guru Travel has access to rates you cannot find online. You may be wondering how? Simple, we are partnered with our consortium and vendors who create pricing just for us. We build clout with our preferred suppliers so that we can save you money.
    4. Guru Travel offers you protection. How? Well, remember those hurricanes that swept through the months of September and October? We were working around the clock to get our clients to safety, Expedia, Cheap Caribbean,, Bookit..etc…don’t care and won’t help. It is that simple. I cannot tell you how many calls we received asking for help from people who chose to book on their own. Of course, we can only offer this help to our own clients.
  2. How does a travel agent get paid? Yes, people are so bold as to ask us this and daily. I totally understand the curiosity. We book direct with our vendors and they pay us. You do not pay us anything.
  3. How does a travel agent help me? There is one word that explains it. EXPERTISE. You may not care about that now. But when you book a trip on your own to Los Cabos hoping to spend your days swimming in the turquoise waters, you are going to be very disappointed to find out that the beaches there are not swimable.  Wouldn’t you want to know this in advance? I know I would. That is why we spend weeks every single year, training and traveling…our job is to know every finite detail of the destinations we promote. This is a promise that Guru Travel makes to you.

Are you thinking about traveling? We’d be honored to set up a consultation with you. Give us a call at 877-825-6146 or email us at

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