How About a FREE Sundae?


Money Saver Monday!!

Can you tell I like whip cream?

We just recently got back from a wonderful trip to Disney World. I just love that every time I am there, we learn new things!!! We stayed at Pop Century so this tip is for all of you Pop stayers out there. If you don’ stay at Pop but you know of a similar deal at your home resort please do share your findings in the comments section below.

When you are on the Disney Dining Plan and you order a quick service meal, you get 1 meal, 1 drink and 1 dessert of your choice. This usually consists of some sort of cake or ice cream bar. Did you know that at Pop they have a bakery section that serves up some wonderful made to order Sundaes? Did you know you can get one of those Sundaes instead of what is offered in the food court area? Well you can!!

When you check out simply tell the cast member that is checking you out that you are going to get your dessert later. He/She will stamp your receipt with a dessert time stamp good for 90 minutes. You can then enjoy your meal and head on over to the bakery, where you can order a Sundae with all of the fixins. It is sooooooooooo yummy!!! We did this almost every day!

*Tip I asked and was able to use my receipt past the 90 minute time slot. It never hurts to ask. :0)

See ya real soon!!


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