Money Saver Monday!! Get Your Free Souvenir

Happy Monday!!! I hope that you hada relaxing time with your family and friends this holiday season.
Now that the holidays are over youmay be thinking about ways to cut costs for 2011. I know one thing is forsure…we will be going to Walt Disney World in 2011….but I am always on thehunt for a deal or even a freebie!!! Did you know that kids can get a freesouvenir at Epcot???

All too often I hear people say thatEpcot is not a kid park. There is a ton of fun for the entire family as well ascountless opportunities for children to learn. One of my favorite opportunitiestakes place at Kidcot Fun Stops. Kidcot is a fun way for kids tolearn about the different countries from around World Showcase and FutureWorld. In addition to learning your children will be able to take home asouvenir for free!!!
Kidcot Fun Stops can be foundthroughout Epcot, these are places where children can go and interact withDisney cast members and do a fun activity.  Younger travelers areencouraged to draw, write, and stamp at these locations. But the best part ofit is…it’s free!!!!
My favorite part comes in at WorldShowcase. Each county has a Kidcot location; your child will have theopportunity to interact with a native of the country you are visiting in. What you need to do is start your adventure in any country that you chose. Letthe cast member know that you are beginning your adventure with them. The castmember will present your child with their very own mask. You can then travelaround to each country, and stop at the designated Kidcot Station. Each stationprovides a craft-filled fun time for your child. Your child will receive a differentadornment for their mask at each station. In addition to the mask you can alsocollect stamps at each location. This make for a sort of make-shift passportfor your child.

At the end of your adventure, youchild will have learned about each country and interacted with natives to eachcountry, as well as created a free souvenir.
If that does not say good free fun,I don’t know what does!! :0)

See you real soon!!