Oktoberfest is Year Round at Biergarten

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Germany Pavilion,Epcot World Showcase
Location: Germany Pavilion
Cusine: German
Lunch & Dinner 
Experience: Special & Unique Dining
Price: $15-$35.99
Disney Dining Plan accepted 

Dine, dance, drink and be entertained at Biergarten,where it is always Oktoberfest!!! Enjoy traditional German dishes, complimentedby German wine, beer and a live performance by an oompah band.

Biergarten offers lunch and dinner buffets. Dinerswill enjoy their meal at large shared tables that seat 8. In between getting toknow other table guests and eating, diners will also enjoy traditional tunesplayed by the oompah band. Tunes such as Edelweiss and the Bird Dance aredesigned to get the crowd brewing with participation. Families are encouragedto hit the dance floor and dance the polka!!!

Before hitting the buffet adults should check outthe beverage menu as it is fully stocked with German beer and wine. I tookadvantage of trying a light beer flight…it was super yummy and allowed me totry 4 German beers.
There is a cold section of the buffet which includescold meats and cheeses. The traditional German eats that you can expect totaste are German bread such as pretzel bread, steaming hot plates of  meatballs,pork, salmon fillet with a light dill sauce, bratwurst, and an accompanyingcondiment bar with hot mustard, sweet mustard, relish, chutney, catsup, currycatsup.  Pork shank gratin that was bits of pork shank mixed withlight sauerkraut, and topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.  Atanother hot station were glazed carrots, roasted potatoes, pork schnitzel withhunter sauce, and a carving station with sliced roast pork and meatloaf.    Irecommend trying the potato leek soup, this is by far one of the best soups Ihave had on WDW property!! Yummy!! Another item we fell in love with were thepotato dumplings with bread crumb butter…oh my just delicious!! I love the challengeof bringing children to a place where they can sample new foods. My kids LOVEDthis food!!

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While you are eating the oopah band is sure to rockthe house with their traditional German sounds. From the minute they startedplaying to the end all three of my kids were fully engaged in this show. (Kidsages are 2,6 & 13)

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The dessert is always my favorite part of eating atWDW!  Items such as Bavarian cheesecake, Apple Strudel with vanillasauce, fruit salad, a Black Forest cake roll, vanilla pudding with chocolatesprinkles, and cookies. I am going to have to say that the Apple Strudel withvanilla sauce was my personal favorite!!!
While I have only eaten at Biergarten once, I amgoing to have to add it to my must-do list for every trip to WDW! I love thefact that we get a dinner show with our meal, my kids are exposed to new foodsand cultures and for those on the dining plan, it will only cost you one dinnercredit. I am going to rate Biergarten a 9!!

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