Save Money and Stay Healthy at Disney World

Money Saver Monday!

The heat has hit Orlando and with that comes the need to hydrate your body especially when you are exposed to the heat for 8 hours or more each day. The very best way to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water. The good news is water is FREE!! One great way to save a TON of money on your Walt Disney World vacation is to skip the expensive soft drinks and opt for the FREE glass of water. A family of 4 will purchase approximately 8 soft drinks per day priced at $2.50 per drink. That comes to $20 per day or $120 for the week!!


I know that your kiddos may beg to differ on wanting to skip soft drinks and go for the water but if you make it fun for them they are sure to opt for the FREE healthy option. Visit your local dollar store or Target Dollar Spot (they have Disney themed merchandise there) and let your children pick out a water bottle that they would like to use on your vacation. They can use this water bottle for the duration of your trip to fill up as needed. Did you know that any counter service location on Walt Disney World property will give you a FREE glass of ice water? Go and get your FREE ice water and pour it into your fun water bottle. There you have it fin and savings all rolled into one.


Tip: As an added bonus you could get some fun flavored drink mix ins for your water…that way the kids will enjoy it even more.


Tip: If you are on the Disney Dining Plan and are not too worried about the added expense of a soft drink, feel free to opt for bottled water instead of the soft drink. This way you are staying healthy and hydrated. Then you can refill your bottled water as needed.


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See ya real soon!!