Shop at Hess and Save!

Money Saver Monday!!

Did you know that Disney has several Hess gas stations on property? One just accross the street from Downtown Disney and another across the street from Bordwalk Resort.  Thanks to I have found that these stations carry a bit more than just gas. You can actually do mini grocery shopping at Hess and the prices are great!!

Here are some of the things you can purchase at Hess for your resort room:

  • Pop
  • Coffee
  • Beer/Wine
  • Bottled Water
  • Premade food items such as pizzas and subs

While Hess is great for little items like what is listed above, I would not recommend them for major shopping. It just may be a bit cheaper to pick some things up there than have the grocer deliver them to you room. In addition to cheap basic groceries Hess also has decent gas prices…so fill up while you are there.

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See ya real soon!!