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Dis Savvy thanks Cast Members this week!! We all know that are the catalysts for making our Disney dreams come true. Don’t forget to follow Dis Savvy on her Facebook page and her Website. She does Tuesday Trivia and offers fake prizes…she is a blast!! 

Walt Disney World has exceptional customer service.  The Cast Members are helpful and friendly as a rule.  Have you ever had a cast member do something special for you?  Has a cast member gone out of his/her way to fix a problem or treat you just a little bit better than you thought possible?

It happens to my family often throughout our trips.  In October of this year, we had reservations at The Crystal Palace.  We have dined here numerous times and appreciate the food selection and the wait staff.

The cast member on the right is Ruthie.  When our beeper went off signaling our table was ready, Ruthie greeted us at the door. “You must be the Hart family! Welcome to The Crystal Palace!”  Ruthie showed us to our table and continued talking to us.  She was genuinely excited to see us and definitely made us feel special.  I remember looking at my husband and saying, “I think that was the best walk to a table ever.”  We then met our sserver Michael Jay who was amazing as I have come to expect.  In talking to Michael Jay, we learned he has been a server at CP for 15 years and that is a short time in that restaurant!  He knows a server who has been working in the restaurant since day 1 (40 years ago!).  As we lunched, Ruthie must have stopped by at least twice just to see how things were going.  She had the confidence of a pro even though she had only been there a year (proudly showing us her one year pin on her name tag).  You have seen these cast members haven’t you?

You may not know this, but I am a DVC member and have been since 1992.  My experiences staying on property lack the services of the Mousekeeping staff that work so hard in the hotel properties.  (Yes, I have to make my own beds on vacation.)  Anyway.  In October, we stayed at Vero Beach in a Garden Inn Room.

Towel origami!  Come on now – where else but in the World that is of Walt Disney will you find creative people that keep your place sparkling clean AND make such cute things?  I have heard that if you have stuffed animals in the room, they will be incorporated into the scene.  The tradition for thanking your Mousekeepers is the “Mousekeeping Envelope.”  A Google search will result in no less than 10 sites with various creative ways to thank your mousekeepers.

What about other cast members that go above and beyond your expectations?  Have you ridden a bus with a driver that tells Disney jokes?  How about a maintenance member that creates masterpieces made of water on Main Street before the parade?  Have you met Ruthie or Michael Jay?  I have a solution!

There is one website I know of that can help.  This site has Disney information on it but there is a drop down menu called “Cast Member Appreciations Cards”  There are about 8 categories of thank you from which to choose.  Simply download the type of card and personalize it!

This is a sample from the holiday collection.  I have a bunch of these printed out and cut – they are the size of a business card so they will fit with your tickets and fast passes and photo pass.  When I encounter a terrific cast member, I get one out and say “Thanks.”

My experience has been that Cast Members are surprised and happy to receive these cards.  In fact, after I gave one to a particularly hilarious Jungle Cruise Skipper, he proceeded to brag to his fellow cast members that he got one and they didn’t!

Here’s what you do.  Go to the site and make up your cards.  Put them with your vacation tickets.  Hand them out while you vacation and see what magic you create!







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  • Those can be used for more than just Disney vacations. I could have used those on our last trip to Sevierville. The resort we stayed at has a picture scavenger hunt & part of it is taking pictures of the staff doing goofy things. Would have been nice to have been able to give one of these to the maintenance manager who did the chicken dance for me. I’ll have to remember to take these with me when we go on anywhere special.

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