Watch Out for Disney Parade Pirates


This post was originally written for WDW Fan Zone another place I call my Disney blogging home. Enjoy!

I am going to say it plain and simple, I don’t like watching parades! It is true…it has nothing to do with the parades, or the lights, or the sounds or the fact that I can’t sit still. It has to do with the people all around me. Why would I go to an event where I leave and feel like I am fired up for a debate? Yep…that is exactly how I feel every single time I watch, fireworks and parades. Why you may ask…the people all around me!

Before I begin, I would like to point out that I am a very calm person….there is not too much that can make me mad especially at Disney but seeing parades puts things into a new might think I am an animal! As you probably know, we are big-time Disney planners. We hit the parks and know what we are doing…not in order but we are old pros. We know that when we want to see a parade/fireworks we need to arrive early to get the type of seat that we want….another words the best seat in the house.

So, we typically grab our favorite snack and secure our spot on the curb and all is good….well for about 30 minutes. That is when the parade pirates arrive. We all know who they are. People that arrive at the last minute, and expect you to move for them so that their kids can see. Now let’s stop for a minute: I love children, I used to be a teacher and I have 3 children myself. However, I too am a Disney fan and I too love to see the parades just as much. I just don’t feel like I should have to give up my spot with my family because people decided to show up late! I know that this may make me look harsh and unreasonable but I just feel like if you are going to need a good spot, you should get there early too. Why should anyone have to move or adjust for late arrivers? Also keep in mind we sit so that everyone can see behind us.

This brings me to what happened this year at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We gave up 45 minutes of precious party time to secure our spot for the 10:30 Boo To You parade. When we first arrived it was us and another family and by golly would you know it…they arrived…the pirates. I was sitting on the ground with my family enjoying popcorn and we had the front row…right at the ropes. This woman came up and stood right on top of me, talked very nasty about me and then lifted up my leg to fit in her child. She proceeded to say how dorky I was for needing to see the parade to every single person that arrived to watch. I was mortified…but I did not move. Of course her poor little girl was crammed on my knee so I stood up and hovered over my daughter’s head and did not enjoy the parade at all.


I have to be honest…this is not my first time feeling horrible upon leaving a parade so I think for a while it will be the last time we spend the time watching. I would love to know if anyone else out there has the same trouble?

See ya real soon!!



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  • OH my gosh yes! Now, I never get there early to see a parade. I never know when they start and if I get to see one, it is because I hear the music. But I followed one and was able to get right by the rope. Grown men were pushing in front of my daughter! I was SOOOOOO MAD! I started basically shielding my daughter so she could watch it. It is just horrible how selfish people are and it seems at Disney, they are worse! But the Disney cast members make up for it and we have a wonderful time and wonderful memories.

  • Jen I could not agree more. I just don’t get it! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  • Ah, yes, I can totally relate. Now that my kids are older they aren’t as interested in the parades but on the rare occasion that we do secure a seat to watch I just don’t let anyone in. I no longer care if they want to complain about me but if we were there first…then too bad, so sad. I have no problem telling them to back off, especially if they are too close to one of my kids.

  • Heather hearing from all of you makes me not feel so bad. I was feeling mean, rude and hostile. We have just decided that if per chance we are able to see a parade then we do but as far as getting there early to secure seats…that will no longer happen. It is too bad. Thanks for stopping by!!

  • This is exactly why I don’t do the parades. The only one I even want to see is Boo to You. Now I am worried because I have a short temper & a loud mouth (I blame the Irish side of my family)

  • We grabbed a great spot to watch a parade once and low and behold… here came parade pirates to me and their child just shoved in with us so i told him he had to become part of our family and subjected him to my brand of parenting (devilish and sarcastic) he was from England and when the American segment started I kept talking about how America was the best country ever (I say that anyway, but even more so this night) and just being snarky to the kid. I totally agree…
    I have been late to a show/parade/fireworks but I stay back because I was LATE….

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