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When you visit the theme parks at Walt Disney World, you will be carrying maps with you.  Each park has its own map with color coded listings of attractions, dining and shopping.  The maps are easy to use and definitely can help you navigate the parks and select your attractions.

Maps are displayed for easy access as guests enter the park.

There is another informational piece to keep with your maps.  I present, the Times Guide.

Park maps are full-color, glossy and multi-folded pieces that are not changed often.  However, things at WDW can change from week to week depending on seasons and refurbishments.  The Times Guide is published once a week and offer more details to give you up to the day information.

Each side of the Times Guide offers you specific, timed information.  The front side provides you basic information.  Park hours are listed – but extra magic hours will not appear on the Times Guide you find in the parks.  Special hours of specific attractions are also listed.  For instance, in the Magic Kingdom, the park may open at 9am, but The Enchanted Tiki Room may not begin operation until 10 am.  This information will be found on the front side of the Times Guide.

Restaurant times will be listed at the bottom of the front side.  This is crucial information for counter service dining.  Some restaurants close early – prior to park closing and some restaurants do not serve breakfast.

The back side of the Times Guide will list scheduled attractions.  Live shows, parades, fireworks and character greeting times are all listed on the back side.  The EPCOT Times Guide will list special performances that occur in World Showcase.

While you will refer to your park maps for information and location, please don’t forget your Times Guide to make your trip complete!

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