Tuesday’s Top Ten Counter Service Restaurants Around Walt Disney World

When planning your Walt Disney World Vacation let’s face it, much of the planning revolves around food. Many people ask me questions about counter service restaurants and where the best ones are. Believe me, if you do your homework you do not have to eat cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets all week in order to save a buck or two at Walt Disney World.  Enjoy reading about Walt Disney World’s top ten counter service restaurants according to me(and some Guru readers).  :0)

In no particular order:

Magic Kingdom: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe
More commonly called “Pecos Bill’s”, located in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.  This is a huge counter service restaurant….seats are not hard to come by. The menu at Pecos Bill’s offers a quick lunch or dinner option with a few snacks and some dessert items. The most popular menu item at this restaurant by far is the burger and fries….why you ask? Pecos Bill’s has an amazing toppings bar, some of the items included on the bar are, grilled onions, cheese sauce, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions and much more. Oh yeah, feel free to use your snack credit to order a side of fries, take a stroll over to the toppings bar and make yourself some loaded fries. Yummy!! Some readers have said that they even make a side salad at the bar to go with their lunch.  In addition to burgers, Pecos Bills also offers a veggie burger, wraps, chicken and taco salads, and a pulled pork sandwich.

I am sure you can see why Pecos Bill’s has made it into one of the top ten favorite counter service restaurants.

Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree Barbecue
Located on Discovery Island, not only does this counter service restaurant offer a yummy menu, but it also sports a wonderful location. Views of the lake and Mt. Everest make for a fully enjoyable dining experience. The food at Flame Tree BBQ is sure not what you would expect to find at any theme park. BBQ chicken, pulled meat and turkey sandwiches, and salads along with beans, ribs, fries and key lime pie, this menu has is all. Not to mention that the food is top of the line delectable…sure to be on you’re not to miss list. 

Some readers have stated to visit the restaurant at dusk for a truly amazing view.

Epcot: Sunshine Seasons
Sunshine Seasons is a reader’s all time favorite and has even made its way to the Food Network. The special thing about Sunshine Seasons is the food is fresh. The restaurant is one of the only true food courts on all of Walt Disney World property. Sunshine Seasons serves food all day long, starting with breakfast and filtering all of the way through dinner. Sunshine seasons is divided into an Asian food area, soup and salads, sandwiches, grill, a bakery, and grab and go items such as chips, fruit, and sodas.

That is not all; the best part of this delectable cuisine is the dessert. You can chose from a plethora of bakery items, including, crème brulee, fruit tulip, chocolate mousse cake and many more. Yummmmm!!!

For a savory, fresh meal visit Sunshine Seasons at Epcot’s Land Pavilion.

Disney Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Pizza Planet
Are you looking for a great place to enjoy some true family time with the kids? Toy Story Pizza Planet is the spot to be. Located next to Muppets 3D  in the Streets of America area of Disney Hollywood Studios, this counter service restaurant is really a two in one. You get an arcade, a themed restaurant sure to please any Toy Story fan and some really great pizza.

The menu is not extensive, but consists of varieties of personal pizzas. If you are on the dining plan you also get a salad and dessert. If you would like to enjoy a bit more quiet time, head outside to enjoy your meal.

Magic Kingdom: Columbia Harbor House
Some have described this as the hidden gem of counter service restaurants. Located across from the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square, it can be a bit hidden. Here you can find tuna sandwiches, fish sandwiches with fries, hummus, BLT’s and Clam Chowder. Don’t forget to try the warm apple crisp for dessert.  Do not let the seating fool you…take a walk upstairs for a quaint view of Magic Kingdom while you dine.

Epcot World Showcase: Tangerine Cafe
Located in the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot, the Tangerine Cafe offers high quality food, huge portions, and a wonderful seating area. Do not miss this on your next trip! Many have suggested not to even look at the menu but to order the chicken and lamb Shawarma platters. The lamb is extremely moist and you get a very generous portion. Dig in!

Magic Kingdom: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
Located in Tomorrowland , this place has a ton of food options. Beware as it is always crowded.  There are three main food stations in this restaurant, Chicken, Sandwiches & Salads, and Burgers.  The only downfall is that you have to order from each specialized station, for example, if you want a burger and someone else in your party wants chicken, you have to wait in two different lines to get your food. Many have suggested trying out the 1/2 chicken and BBQ rib combination.  In addition to the great food….you will just love the piano player at Cosmic Ray’s…..wink wink.

Downtown Disney: Cookes of Dublin
This is an Irish eatery located in the back of Reglan Road. Cookes of Dublin serves wonderful fish and chips and other Irish Cuisine. The homemade Dublin Style Pies like Beef & Lamb or Chicken & Mushroom are great.  The deep fried candy bar called the Doh-Bar pushes this restaurant to the top of the list.  Everything is made to order which makes the food very fresh and hot.

Downtown Disney: Earl of Sandwich
As you might expect, sandwiches rule at this Downtown Disney restaurant. Choices range from the tried and true, such as roast beef with cheddar cheese and horseradish to the more adventurous, like the Caribbean jerk chicken with hot banana peppers. Salads, including Chinese chicken salad and Mediterranean tuna salad, can be ordered in a bowl or wrapped in flat bread. Earl of Sandwich also offers a variety of soups and sides. For many, this is a must do on every trip.

Down Town Disney: Wolfgang Puck Express
I have to say that if you are on the dining plan this is a must do! You get so very much for your credit…otherwise this can be a bit costly, but the food is way worth it. The menu is varied from Salads to Sandwiches, To Gourmet Pizzas To Salmon.  The service is great and this is as close as you will get to a Table Service restaurant with your Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Credit.  The crème brulee is a great way to top off your meal. While the food is great, the restaurant can get a bit crowded and is very tight.
That is it for this edition of Tuesday’s Top Ten!! Do you have an idea for a top ten topic? Email me your ideas. I would love to hear from you.

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