Universal Orlando Resort Child Swap

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On a recent trip to the Universal Orlando Resort I was very impressed with their child swap option. It seems as though Universal has gotten it right when it comes time to keeping families together for the transition. I really enjoyed being able to stay with my family while we waited in line, and felt very well taken care of on the family rooms as we waited to switch.

Child Swap / Family Room

Parties with a small child may take advantage of our Child swap program. this allows one member of a party to wait with the child while the rest of the party rides. They then change places so all may enjoy the ride.This amenity is located at most major rides within Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios have a waiting area which parties with small children, seniors, or customers who wish to not ride the attraction may take
advantage of.

How it Works

For parties with small children, one member of a party can wait with the child while the rest of the party rides, then the adults change places so all may enjoy the ride.
The second adult and party are not required to re-enter the beginning of the que line. Most Child Swap /Family Rooms are indoors, air conditioned, with seating and some offer video entertainment. The service is complimentary and allows all guests to enjoy as much time with family and friends while they experience the storytelling that occurs while walking through the queue lines of the attractions. When the guest reaches the ride, they can choose to sit-out the ride and wait for their group to complete the ride.



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