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Money Saver Monday!

In the era of baggage fees and surcharges on almost everything…I am always looking for a way to save. The last thing I want to do on vacation is tell my family that they can’t buys something because we can’t fit it in the luggage! Seems like we can bring less and less with us the more we travel…while I totally understand and respect the rules and regulations, it makes it hard on travelers that are on a budget.

Did you know that many Walt Disney World merchandise stores will ship packages to your home address? Looking at the baggage fees and airlines restrictions, their prices are actually not too bad. Now of course if you have larger items, that is going to get a bit more pricey. I have seen where people have had to leave their cute snow-globes at the airport because of the liquid inside of the globe. This may be a good item to consider shipping. Plus, these items are going to be insured which will give you a piece of mind. All you need to do is ask the merchant to see if this service is offered in their store.

I would love to know if you have ever had to leave something behind or if you have ever shipped an item home from Disney?

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  • I haven’t had to leave anything behind because I have only flown in once, but I was told by someone at the airport that there have been so many people that have bought the huge mickey balloons and had to have them popped before they boarded because they couldnt take it with them. How sad!

  • Jen that would be horrible!!! Thanks for sharing. :0)

  • I have shipped from the WL gift shop and the package never made it to the destination! I’m not so sure that I would trust it again. 🙁

  • OH NO!! Really??? Did they do anything for you Kristen?

  • We have had things shipped on many occasions and it is such a great service. We usually go in the fall, so one the night my parents watch the kids, and my husband and I get to have a date night in Disney and also get to do a little Christmas shopping. It is a great convenience if you plan to purchase several items. But I agree with Kelly, the larger items may not be so cost effective.

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