Yummy Yummy, Disney in my Tummy!

Today’s article is written by our very own Monthly Mouse. You may know her from her Facebook Page, Magical Expressions by Shutter Expressions. Be sure to hop on over to her page and click “like”. 

By Theresa Cook AKA The Monthly Mouse

You have your hotel reserved, you’ve booked your flight, scheduled your days off; now comes the hard part.

Where do we want to eat?!

With all the choices of sit down, quick service, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and “just because it sounds good”, your head will spin. And if you have decided to go with the Dining Plan (which I swear by) you only have 180 days to decide, and that’s cutting it close. :0)

But I have narrowed down “THE COMMON MEALS WE EAT AT DISNEY” to three of my favorites.

  • The Dinner Show – usually 2 Dining Plan credits

If you are to choose one, I highly recommend the luau at The Polynesian.  Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show brings Hawaii to Orlando with an authentic Polynesian feast that is served family style.

First to the table is a salad and some fresh pineapple.  The salad has a mango-poppy seed dressing and Mandarin oranges which gives it a very refreshing, sweet flavor.  Next up is the main course which will satisfy any hunger.  Enjoy hefty portions of barbequed pork ribs, roasted chicken, Polynesian-style rice, and mixed vegetables.  Got a picky eater?  Don’t worry; they have hot dogs too, amongst other options.  The feature dish of the night is brought out in style as servers all at once bring out a large, smoking dish.  This is the dessert; Chocolate mousse volcano which is a very rich, pyramid shaped mousse drizzled with a raspberry sauce.

Soft drinks, beer, and wine are included in the price and the wine does present some punch.

While you are feasting, enjoy the party on the stage as you are actually in attendance to a going away party and the family is ready to celebrate.

You will experience several different styles of dance from several different islands along with songs and music.  The men and women who are performing are mesmerizing and will have you wanting to move your hips too.

There are two shows a night and last for a couple of hours.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house, but if you want to be up close to the action, go for Category 1 seating.  However, this area is not available on the dining plan.



  • The Quick Service

Though Downtown Disney is not known as a “Disney Park” it does offer some amazing dining options; Fulton’s Crab House, Planet Hollywood, T-Rex, House of Blues, etc.  But what if you just want a quick meal?

Wolfgang Puck Express Marketplace offers a quick service feel with sit down quality.

When you first walk in, it’s not very impressive and looks just like most quick service places.  You go up to the counter, tell them what you want, and they hand you a card and your cups.  A Card?

Unlike most quick service places, they bring the food to you and they use the card to identify you.  With indoor or outdoor seating, you know this is no ordinary fast food joint.  After all, Wolfgang Puck’s name is on the sign.

The food is brought out after a few minutes and you will not be disappointed, the portions are HUGE!!!  If you do the Dining Plan, take note as to what it cost, it’s not as expensive as you might think either.

The taste?  Incredible!!  I had ordered the Margherita pizza which is prepared in a wood oven and cooked to perfection.  The pizza was big enough to feed 2, but I didn’t want to share; though I did.  My husband had the spaghetti and meatballs where the meatballs were almost baseball sized.  The sauce wasn’t your traditional tomato sauce and a bit hard to describe, but it was fantastic (oh yeah, I had to try it).

The kids, who are very picky, ate like they were starving and left nothing on their plates.

Besides lunch and dinner, Wolfgang Puck Express also offers breakfast and does serve wines and beers.

By far, this is now my new favorite quick service restaurant.


  • Snack Time

I discovered on my most recent trip that, what I thought was my secret snack place, was not a secret but a well-loved hide-away.

In Epcot’s France, tucked away in the back and to the left, is a quaint bistro that serves sandwiches, pastries, and other delicious delicacies.   What’s even better, the Dining Plan can be used as a snack credit or a quick service.

The food isn’t little nibbles either, but huge treats that beg to be shared.  With two counters on either side, serving the same items, long lines move steadily and rapidly.

All the cast members are from France and very pleasant to talk to.   If you were to ask me for my favorite, I would have to choose the elephant ear which is no longer made or served.  A perfect replacement, though, is the Napoleon which is made with a creamy cheese (think mascarpone) and on layers of a light, flaky crust.  The Napoleon goes perfectly with a coffee or café au Lait, which is also served here.

The name of my little “hide-away”?    Boulangerie Patisserie.

Disney has always been known for their unique dining experiences, mainly the character dining, but it’s the “off-the-beaten path” places that will shock and amaze.   From the typical places people flock to, to the candies around the world that you will find in the stores tucked around World Showcase; food discoveries are all around.

So be adventurous and savor the flavors that are Disney!