Walt Disney World Rope-Drop


At Walt Disney World there is always a celebration. They celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, mini and major milestones so why not celebrate park opening? Rope-drop is a ceremony that occurs in all parks about 15 minutes prior to park opening.  Every park has a slightly different rope-drop celebration depending upon the theme of the park but basically they are very similar.

What is rope-drop?

The official opening time for the Walt Disney World parks.

So why show up for rope-drop?

Being at the parks when they open is crucial for those that are following a plan and want to get things done. This is especially important during the busier times of year at Walt Disney World. Showing up for rope-drop will give you that edge to be at the attractions before the crowds get thick.


Magic Kingdom

Rope-drop at Magic Kingdom is fun and welcoming. About 10 minutes before park opening, you are greeted by the Walt Disney World Railroad train. Cast Members and a chosen family of the day do a song and dance and welcome you to the park. You can expect to see dancers, the Mayor of Main Street and Disney characters. After the show the characters…including Mickey conduct a countdown to park opening. Once the park is opened you are slowly guided through the tunnels and into the park. The feeling you have while walking down Main Street first thing in the morning is indescribable. Cast Members are sporting their Mickey ears and gloves as they welcome you into the park. It is truly magical!!


Epcot begins their rope-drop ceremony about 15 minutes prior to park opening.  There are two ceremonies one for Future World and one for World Showcase as it opens at 11:00 AM. If you are looking to go to Test Track first head on over to the east side of Future World and if you are wanting to go to Soarin’ go to the west side. If you are entering using International Gateway, you will be held until park opening.  The ceremony includes a family that is chosen to ride in an off-track Test Track car, which is part of the small ceremony that is held in the middle of Future World.

World Showcase opens at 11:00 AM so there is a separate rope-drop there. These ropes are located between Norway and China and between United Kingdom and France.  Some are reporting that there is no longer a rope-drop at World Showcase but that guests are allowed to walk around it even thought it is not open. Can anyone confirm this?

Hollywood Studios

As with Epcot, Hollywood Studios begins to let guests enter through the turn-styles about 15 minutes prior to park opening. Guests are held on Sunset Blvd. The ceremony that take place here is very short but cute. You will be right in the middle of a Hollywood style welcome show fully equipped with sounds and sight from movie making. This is by far one of the busiest rope-drop ceremonies I have ever seen. Every single guest that is there is trying to get to one attraction and one attraction only, Toy Story Mania. Once the ropes drop, the entire crowd will make their way slowly over to Toy Story Mania.  With that said, this is a cute show that I think is worth seeing at least once.

Animal Kingdom

Here guests are allowed to enter through the turn-styles 15 minutes before park opening. Guests are held in the area just after the turn-styles. The  Let the Adventure Begin welcome show is about 10 minutes long and is held mostly on a vehicle which makes it fairly easy to see from all locations. Mickey and Minnie make an appearance at this show….it is another show that is very cute and worth seeing.

All in all my family enjoys a good rope-drop celebration but then again we like to get to the parks as they open. I would recommend seeing at least one while you are on your vacation. Plus being there that early allows you to get a lot more done for the day and even helps you beat the heat.

See ya real soon!!


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