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Walt Disney World is full of secrets…you could visit 500 times and still see something new each and every time. My favorite thing is to look for Walt Disney World magical treasures while on Disney property. Every single detail of Walt Disney world has been thought out. Here is a list of some of my favorite magical treasures:(These come from many years on Disney Forums…thanks Intercot!!)

1. Waking-up Tinkerbell

If you are among the first to enter Tinkerbell’s Treasures shop (to your left as you pass through Cinderella Castle), your kid(s) may be in for a special treat. Ask the Cast Member if you can wake-up Tinkerbell. The kid(s) are given a sword (for boys) or a wand (for girls) and are instructed to tap on a small chest three times and say “wake-up Tinkerbell”. Sure enough Tinkerbell wakes-up and flies around the room in a dazzling display of lights and sounds. The helpers are usually given a certificate that proclaims that they helped wake-up Tinkerbell. If you miss this morning ceremony, Tink typically flies around the shop intermittently through out the day.

2.Aunt Polly’s Paintbrushes

Aunt Polly asked Tom and Huck to paint a few things on Tom Sawyer Island, but the mischievous adventurers rather went exploring and happened to leave the paintbrushes as the went along. If you should come across one of Aunt Polly’s paintbrushes pick it up and return it to one of the raft pilots (or other Cast Member in the area) and they will reward you with a front of the line pass to Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

3. Archeologist’s Well

In the queue for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, there is a well that appears to be undergoing an excavation. Anchored outside the well is a rope with a sign reading, “do not pull”, go ahead and pull the rope.

4. The Empire Strikes Back

Just out side of the Star Tours attraction, one of the giant AT – AT Imperial Walkers doesn’t take kindly to passerby’s. Walk in between this walker and the Backstage Express dining location and you’re likely to get shot at with a barrage of water.

5. Sing’n in the Rain

On the Backlot, near the former Backlot Theater location, there is an open Umbrella precariously perched on the side of a lamppost. If you stand under it and pull on the crook of the handle, you’ll be in for a refreshing surprise right out of the classic movie musical Sing’n in the Rain.

6. Key to Muppet Labs

When entering Muppetvision 3D (just passed the turnstiles) look for a window to your right. In the window there is a sign that states that the staff is out, but there is a key under the mat. Underneath the window there is an actual door mat, look under the mat and you will actually find the key to Muppet Labs.

7. Kiswahili Kitchen

The outdoor seating of the Tusker House dining location may provide more than just a good meal. Guests dining on the back patio can typically hear kitchen noises and other culinary related sounds coming from the traditional African kitchen located on second story of the building.

8. Swahili Showers

The village of Harambe can get hot, but don’t worry there’s a quick way to cool off near by. Near the Dawa Bar there are a set of rusty looking showers –too hot?–try the showers, they’re real!

9. Windows of Main Street

The windows on the upper floors of Main Street pay homage to those who contributed to the Magic Kingdom park or the Disney Company. Two of the more notable windows are those for Walt Disney and Roy Disney. Walt’s window is above the Ice Cream Parlor facing Cinderella Castle and Roy’s window is above the Main Street Confectionery facing Town Hall.

10. Paw Prints of Love

Just outside of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant the pavement holds a special homage to the Lady &the Tramp. Imprinted in the cement are the paw prints of both Lady and the Tramp. This is a nice photo spot for Disney dog lovers.

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