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I have been to Walt Disney World 20+ times in my life. During those times I have never once had the same vacation experience. I have stayed in every resort category that Walt Disney World has to offer, value, moderate, and deluxe. While every single trip that I have ever taken to Walt Disney World has been full of magic, when I stay at Pop Century Resort, my trip is like no other!!

In 2004 my family and I stayed at Pop Century Resort for the very first time. I immediately felt at home. When I travel to Walt Disney World, with or without kids, I am looking for whimsy, and for a place that feels alive. The Pop Century Resort does just that!! The best thing about Walt Disney World is that there is something for everyone.

What makes the Pop Century so great?

Yes, Pop Century is a value category hotel, but let me tell you the magic is in full force from the minute you walk through the lobby to your dip in the pool. The resort is themed around distinct memories from the 20th century. Each section of the hotel represents a different decade from the 1950’s through the 1990’s. As you walk through the resort you will notice larger than life icons that dress each decade building; Mr. Potato Head, Play dough, mood rings, and a giant sized foosball table to name a few.

Pop Century has three fantastic pools!!! Each pool is themed around the decade it resides in:

1.In the 90’s section you will find a cool monitor shaped computer pool.

2.In the 60’s section you will find the huge main flower shaped pool called the hippy dippy.

3.In the the 50’s section you will find my favorite the smaller bowling pin shaped pool.

There’s also a flower shower in one kids area, you can pull the chain and get a cold shower, so as you can see there is a pool nearby for all to enjoy.

Last, I just found out something I never knew and cannot wait to try out with my 2 year old. Pop Century has a Goofy’s Splash Pool!!

Let’s talk about the most amazing food court on the property. I have been a part of many Walt Disney World discussion boards for years, and one thing that is consistent is when they rank best food court at a resort Pop is always at the top! Everything Pop food court offers items grill, sandwiches and salads, pasta and pizza, Asian cuisine, and bakery items, everyone will find something they love at Everything Pop. Don’t forget to use your Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit to get Tye Dye Cheesecake….yum!

Are you ready for an adult beverage? I know I always am, take a stroll over to Petals. Petals is located next to the Hippie Dippie pool, is the place to get all of your favorite concoctions…and try some new ones! Don’t forget to have some fun over at the ping pong table while you’re here.

As if Walt Disney World did not already have enough to do, Pop Century also has an arcade! Head over to the Fast Forward arcade for some great rainy day fun. Or bring your kids and teach them to play all the great games from your generation!

I am serious when I tell you that I LOVE the gift shop at Pop Century. It has anything you could possibly want!! Everything Pop Gift Shop is huge! It carries all of the items you’ll need for your vacation, including clothing, food, medicines, souvenirs, and more.

One of the most important things about staying on property is the busing system. I know that people say that there is no rhyme or reason to the efficiency of the bus system throughout the Walt Disney Resort. I am going to have to say that of all of the places that I have stayed, Pop Century has the best bus system around. Not only does the resort not share their busses with another resort, but their line setup is VERY organized. They have their lines set up by park….I just love it!!!!

Now the rooms at Pop Century are very small….no doubt about that. They are meant for up to 4 people. One great thing is that Pop Century rooms are currently undergoing a refurbishment. The refurbishment includes, a new flat panel TV, a curtain to section off the bathroom from the beds,(I love this!!) new bed spreads, and a new dresser.

I found a great site devoted to Pop Century…I encourage you to check it out: http://www.popcenturysite.com/

The Guru would love to hear your comments about your favorite Walt Disney World Resort.

See you real soon!!

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  • could not agree more. I love the Pop Centruy. We did the Goofy Splash Pool, my 4 yr old LOVED it. THe food is great and the drinks at petals are fantastic. I also love the gift shop, best around, and i do not think we waited over 10 minutes for any bus to come. I am sad that they are now only offering the quick service meal plans at the value resorts for the free dining, it makes it hard to choose to stay there.

  • You can actually upgrade your free dining plan to the regular plan. We just did that for October and paid only $10 per person per day. Still worth the cost. It was still less expensive then staying at a Moderate. Just a thought. :0)

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