What I loved about Memory Maker


I’ll admit, we do not always add the Memory Maker to our vacation package. This is only because of how often we go to Disney. We do it for important trips. We recently got back from our big family trip, there were 14 of us, so naturally we wanted to have the option to add Memory Maker, plus we all split it. (more on that later)

Other than the obvious fact that I love that we can all be in the picture together and also get action shots on rides…I absolutely fell in LOVE with the two video options that were taken on The Mine Train and on Tower of Terror. I totally forgot about the video so it was an amazing surprise to see. Check out our video…for this alone, I feel it is worth it and I hope that Disney adds a few more of these soon.

*You will see us all in the black Mickey sweatshirts.

If you have a larger party that you know is not going to spend every waking minute together you can the Memory Maker onto one of the reservations and everyone that is linked to that reservation (yes, multiple rooms) can share it. All you have to do is make sure that your Guru Travel Professional has your reservations linked together.

When your family takes their pictures all they have to do is have the photographer scan their band and presto, the pictures will show up in your My Disney Experience account. Keep in mind that the pictures cannot be viewed on your phone, only on a computer.

Also remember that only the reservation it was added to can actually download the pictures. All customization options have to be done in the main account as well.

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