What makes Walt Disney World so magical?

I cannot even begin to describe the feeling I get when I talk about the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World! What makes Walt Disney World so magical? What I find utterly amazing is that no two people could ever answer that question alike. For some, it is the memories of the people that they have traveled with, others the journey of planning the trip, for many it is simply the fact that when you are there time stops and the chaos of life comes to a halt.  Whatever your reason may be, you are here right now because you, like me, share a passion, a love for Walt Disney World.

Starting today, I will be featuring the many magical treasures of Walt Disney World, every Wednesday. From pictures to rides I will focus on one magical treasure at a time. No matter how big or small, every single detail of the Walt Disney World Resort has been well thought out, just for you.

So today I begin with…… Soarin’….the magic of flight. What an amazing day at the Epcot Park, when you can take your entire family on a one of a kind simulated flying ride. There is absolutely nothing like Soarin’!! You must ride this ride!!

You enter the ride in a sort of makeshift airfield. There is a safety spiel and then you are on your way!!  Once you enter the theater, you are seated in one of three rows of seating. (FYI…ask to be in the front row to get the best experience) Once the ride begins the front row winds up, this makes it the highest in the air.

These seats are by far the most comfortable seats I have ever sat on. You feel like you are floating on the seat. The seat has a fairly simple design and is slightly larger than most theme park seats. The safety for the seats is a simple lap belt. This allows you to feel free throughout the ride.

As the camera banks and turns so does your seat. The movement is magical…pay close attention to the smells that also take place as you ride. I can honestly say that I truly felt like I was hang gliding over California.

The ride experience on Soarin’ is like no other. You must not miss this ride on your next trip to Walt Disney World.  So you ask yourself, Why Soarin’? Why did she start with Soarin’? I began with Soarin’ because, Disney is meant to be a place that you can experience things you could never imagine. I can tell you when I rode Soarin’ for the first time, it took my breath away.  I knew that without Disney Imagineers putting that ride together, I would never have experienced something like that ever in my life.

Few quick tips for Soarin’….

  1. The line can get very long, Fast Pass it. On the upside, the entire queue is indoors.
  2. As I stated earlier, for the best possible ride experience, ask to sit in the front row.
  3. During the movie take a good look at the golf ball that shoots and the screen…do you see someone on it??
  4. Check out the red fireworks at the very end of the video…they form Mickey’s head.

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See you real soon & have a magical day!!!

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