What’s With The Verbiage On Your Pin Code?

Money Saver Monday!!
Happy Monday, I hope you had a magical weekend. I sure did butthis weather in Chicago is confusing me..lol.
Last week I made mention of some tips and tricks that may help youget that ever so famous Disney Pin Code!!This week I would like to share theverbiage on the pin code that could help you use it to its fullest potential.When you receive a pin code it can come in one of two ways, either as a postcard mailing or an email. At a first glance you will see the deal and the datesthat the pin code is good for. Read the small print on the pin code, if it says”for stays beginning between” or “for stays most nights beginning between”you can arrive up to the last day on the pin code and use it for up to 10 daysafter. If it says “between” with two date in between it, you may onlyuse the pin code offer on the dates listed.
Some tips if you do not receive a pin code offer…
Have you ever heard of an invitational upgrade? These are offersthat you must ask the reservation agent for at the time of booking. All youneed to do is ask your agent if there are any offers or invitational upgradesavailable. Keep in mind, these are offers that are not advertised , all youneed to do is ask and they will check for you.
Ask and you may receive….
This I know is a touchy subject…I have personally not ever donethis, but I know of people that have asked and they have received. When youcheck in, feel free to ask if there are any room upgrades available. These areall subject to availability and per the cast member that is checking you in.You never know when a cast member may be willing to sprinkle a little pixie dustyour way. :0)
Do you have a pin code? Click to “Get a Disney Quote.”
See ya real soon!!