Why are you going there again?!

My family and I cannot seem to get enough of Walt Disney World. We are always planning another trip to the World.  I cannot tell you how many times people ask me, “Why are you going there AGAIN”?!

Why do we keep going back you ask???? The restaurants? The cast members? The resorts? The parks? The ambiance?  Yes, yes and yes to all!!!

A little bit about my travel habits to Walt Disney World. My family of five takes a trip to the World once per year. Our goal is to be able to visit at least twice per year. I spend a TON of time researching our trips to get  the best price, accommodations, meals and experience for what we can afford. We have begun to realize that if we plan to continue to visit Walt Disney World as much as we do, we should probably begin to look into DVC(Disney Vacation Club) we will save that topic for another time. :0)

The restaurants?

Absolutely!!!! My family and I LOVE to eat! We also LOVE the Disney Dining plan. My kids’ just love being able to take the menu, and have full control over what they order to eat. Disney World has food for every budget and taste. Yes it is true, that some of the food quality has changed throughout the years but none the less we always feel well treated and fed during our stay at Walt Disney World.

The cast members?

Oh yeah baby!!! We arrived at Pop Century at 1:45 AM two weeks ago…not only were we tired but our three kids were crabby!! All we wanted was to go to bed but to our surprise we were greeted by towel creatures from mousekeeping. That just made the day!! Irene a wonderful cast member that was working outside of Dinosaur gave my son a finger puppet when he was not tall enough to go on the ride. She talked to Lucas and I while the rest of our family went on the ride. I was so grateful that she was there to keep us company while we waited. We will never forget Irene. When you are on Walt Disney World property every cast member is there to make your stay magical. I have found it so amazing that Disney World employs about 60,000 well trained professional people. How do they do that? Even the younger employees are just fantastic! Be sure to send your cast member complements to Walt Disney World so that your favorite cast members can be appreciated.

The resorts?

Most definitely!! I do not care where you chose to stay, as long as you are on Walt Disney World property, you are well cared for. Disney makes you feel special at every resort category. I have had the pleasure of staying at all levels of resorts and I have always been treated like a queen. No matter what I needed it was always there for me. I would also like to point out that Walt Disney Resorts are extremely well maintained….the rooms are the cleanest hotel rooms that I have ever stayed in. You rock mouskeeping!!!

The park?

What can I say….the parks are most of the reason that any of us are drawn to Walt Disney World. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to be a kid again while at the parks. Disney World is a truly magical place, even if you do not like rides there is so much to see and do. I have been to Disney over 20 times and I still discover new things every time I visit.

The ambiance?

This is the number one reason why I keep visiting Walt Disney World. I have said it before and I will say it again, I truly feel like I am on another planet when I am there. For one week I get to strike off of cooking, cleaning, thinking, talking on the phone, TV, driving and I get to stay away from any distractions that keep me from focusing on my family. When I am at Disney World my focus is only on my family. This one week a year helps us reconnect as a family doing something that we all enjoy. I am able to make all three of my kids happy despite their age gap….13, 5 & 2.

 So to my friends, family and anyone else that asks me, “Why are you going there again?” My answer is above….we just love everything about Walt Disney World. What is there not to love?

See ya real soon!