Secret Saturday!!

Happy Saturday Guru readers!!

I have just come across a really cool rumor/secret that I want to share with you.

Be sure to get in line for the Haunted Mansion at 1300 hours. A guest has reported that her children were approached by a Haunted Mansion Cast Member and asked if they would like to change into the Haunted Mansion costume and welcome guests. The children were taken to the back to change into child sized Haunted Mansion costumes.  As they greeted the guests they were told to tell them to drag their bodies to the dead center of the room. :0) After the children finished they were taken through the back entrance of the ride and escorted into their doom buggy. 

It is rumored that this takes place everyday at 1300 hours. Wow….just another thing that makes Walt Disney World sooooo magical!!!

Email me your magical moments with me I would love to blog about them.

See ya real soon!!