Why Holland America Line?

One of the greatest things about cruising is that there is a cruise line for everyone. The key is knowing which one is right for you. That is where we come in. Cruise lines are not one size fits all, don’t find out once you are on the ship that you don’t like it. Let us help guide you through the process.

I had the pleasure of setting sail to Alaska this year with Holland America Line. This was my second trip to Alaska in the past year. Holland America Line definitely stands out against the competition. I have the top 4 reason you should sail to Alaska with Holland America Line.

Destination Expertise and Immersion

Did you know that Holland America Line has been sailing to Alaska for 150 years? This may not seem a like a fact you need to know, but it is. This means their reputation within Alaska is there, better parking spots at port, better times in and out of port and a better experience. In addition, Holland America Line’s Exploration Central programming gives you a chance to engage with experts and local insiders onboard your ship. This program includes the following:

EXC Talks

You can attend a multimedia presentation which will bring each destination to life through creative storytelling. You learn so much about each port and then you have a chance to go experience it.

EXC Culture

Holland America Line brings onboard the culture and history so you can experience this before you even get to the port. You will be able to interact with local experts, artists and see performances by locals.

The Best Live Music Entertainment At Sea

Of course the destination is very important when cruising but so is the entertainment. Holland America Line is all about immersing you in whatever experience they are providing and this is true for music. Music lovers beware, you may never want to get off of the ship. During my 7-night cruise I spent as many nights as possible seeing the B.B. Kings perform. They are so amazing and talented..I could not believe that I was on a cruise ship enjoying such quality Blues Club entertainment. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick video for you.

That’s not all! Holland America also has Lincoln Center Stage which is classical and contemporary music with a twist. Another favorite of mine is Billboard Onboard. Enjoy the night as two pianists play music requested by you. I had a blast asking them to play various songs, and the crowd made it so interactive.  Select ships also have Rolling Stone Rock Room which I can only imagine is spectacular.

Perfectly Sized Ships

Holland America Line is not trying to beat out their competition by having ships that cater to 5000 passengers at a time. Their ships are known for their sleek nautical lines, spacious public areas, wraparound decks and sophisticated style. One thing I noticed was the ease of travel inside of the ship..it was simple. I loved the classic look and feel of the Eurodam which is prevalent throughout their fleet.

One important fact to know is the size of the ship does matter when traveling to Alaska, bigger is not better….you can get into more spaces when you have a smaller ship.


Culinary is a huge point when cruising. In fact, people pick the destination and then they pick the cruise which will give them the best food. Holland America has a dedicated Culinary Council which are chefs from around the world who design their onboard dining experiences. The main dining room is classic cruise style which you can dine at nightly.

In addition, you can take advantage of one of the additional cost experiences which are amazing! I had the chance to dine at Tamarind and Canaletto. Tamarind is the perfect place to enjoy the traditions of Southeast Asia, China and Japan. The attention to detail here was amazing! Check out my wash towel experience.

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