Holiday Travel

Why travel over the holidays?

Holiday Travel







The holidays can be a magical time for some but for a lot of people it induces stress. Think about traffic, longer lines in store, all of the money spent on food, clothes, gifts, gas..etc. It is becoming more and more common for families to skip those extra costs and as a family travel to a much-loved destination. There are so many plus sides to traveling over the holidays but I have some of the top reasons right here for you.


While the holidays are meant for togetherness, many people spend their time preparing and don’t actually get to enjoy the reason for the season. Our Clients that take a holiday vacation come back feeling like they got the true meaning of the season. Traveling, especially to an all-inclusive resort, means that everything is done for you. All you need to do is arrive and spend time with your family. Right now, we are so connected with things that we are not always connected with family.


Did you know that many vendors offer very well-priced and reduced rated for holiday travel? We have the inside scoop to preferred rates and locations where we can save you big money on your holiday travel plans. And because our vacations partners often charter flights, those rates are also very impressive and more private than what you will find on public sights. Be sure to contact your Guru Travel Professional for insider discounts and information.


While we know that theme parks and big cities are going to have a large influx of crowds over the holidays, beaches, all-inclusive and cruise vacations stay very consistent in crowds. Did you know that the two weeks after Thanksgiving and the few weeks after New Years are some of the lowest travel periods of the year? AND to go off of the previous point, these times will have some really nice pricing to go with the lower crowds.

Vacation Time 

Schools, and many jobs have built in time off over the holiday season. This is a great time to save your vacations days and take a vacation when your employer is already offering days off. This is a win-win!

You Deserve It!!

Life is stressful and as we said, the holidays can create even more stress. How nice would it be to go through the holiday season and know that after all of it, you have a nice tropical escape to look forward to?

Thinking about a holiday vacation? We’d love to chat with you. Call us at 877-825-6146 or email us at We look forward to working with you!

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