4 Basic Universal Orlando Tips You Need to Know!

Universal Series

Welcome back to our educational series on the Universal Orlando Resort! If you are just joining us be sure to catch up here. 

As we mentioned earlier, our Travel Professionals are die-hard theme park travelers and even more knowledgeable in traveling with family. We believe that education on your travel destination is everything. Today we present “4 Basic Universal Orlando Tips You Need to Know!”

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Time is money! From time of year to length of stay you need to know how to properly spend your time when visiting the Universal Orlando Resort.

One of the most common questions we get is, “How long should I stay at the Universal Orlando Resort?” 

Long gone are the days of touring Universal parks in 1 day. After extensive time in the parks, training and research we recommend that you have a minimum of 2 full days in each park, Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure. If you would like to take full advantage of all that the Universal Orlando Resort has to offer and take things at a more manageable pace, we recommend an on-site stay of four days or more. This is going to allow you to enjoy the parks at a more relaxed pace as well as enjoy CityWalk dining, and Universal Orlando Resort Hotel amenities.

Tip: Touring each park will take a good 10-12 hours. Please be sure to take advantage of the early morning hours which is available to on-property guests only.

Selecting a Park

Due to the most recent addition to Universal Studios Florida, Diagon Alley, we would like to recommend that you plan to visit both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

It is very important to know that Universal Studios Florida has many more simulator/screen rides and shows, while Islands of Adventures has more roller coasters and thrill rides. This is not to say that there is not a mixture of both types of attractions at both parks but that is the general idea.

Tip: Be sure to book a park to park ticket so that you can ride the Hogwarts Express. Without a park to park ticket, you will not be permitted to ride.

When should you go? 

There are so many variables that you need to take into account when picking a time of year to travel. The rule of thumb is, if the kids are in school then it is a lower travel period. With that being said, we are not at all suggesting that you pull your kids out of school, nor are we telling you not to. We are just saying that if you want to travel during a lower crowd and cost time then during the school year is when you should do it.

Tip:We have seen crowds at their lowest during the first 3 weeks in September.

Park Hours

We would like to point out that Universal Orlando does not have the same long operating hours as the Walt Disney World Resort. It is very important to know the hours before you travel.

Tip:You can find the updated  by calling 407-363-8000.

Are you ready to plan your Universal Orlando Vacation? Call us at 877-825-6146 or click below to request a quote! 

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