6 Great Travel Tips for Families

6great Summer is almost here. What we know is that planning the perfect family vacation causes parents more stress than they would like to admit. Don’t begin planning without helpful hints from the Gurus.

  1. Take Advantage of Guru Travel-Seriously, I am not just saying that. Call us, email us, Facebook Message us. This is what we do and it is what we know. Use our expertise to your advantage when thinking about traveling. Our mission is to get you out there with your kids to see the world.
  2. Direct Flights Only-I mean it. Do not stress your family out by trying to save a couple of extra bucks. I guarantee you that while it sounds good at the beginning, when you are actually experiencing it, it is a HUGE no-no. Many parents say that they want to break up the flights to get the wiggles out. My tip is to fly prepared. Luckily, out team of experts can almost always find you the cheapest direct-flight and we even provide you with amazing flying tips to keep the kiddos happy.
  3. Show up with the lint in your pocket!-This is a tip that I am extremely passionate about. I do not believe in sending families to properties that are going to ask them for more cash upon arrival. This is why Guru Travel only books what we know. You work way to hard to pay off your vacation to be nickel and dimmed to death on vacation. Want to know where you can go and have scuba, glass-bottom boats, snorkel, water parks and more included? Message me at letstravel@thewdwguru.com and I will tell you. I have a list and I am willing to share it.
  4. Treat Yourself– It feels absolutely amazing to be able to tell your family yes on vacation vs. no. I mean it. Who would not love to be able to make everyone happy without a care in the world? My resorts offer your family the luxury of the word, yes. Yes, to room service, yes to a bottle of wine, yes to water parks, yes to scuba, yes to longer pool time and so much more.
  5. NO Stress Mon! Keep the stress at home. No matter what you consider to be a stress-free vacation, we have a suggestion. Maybe you want golf, yoga, spa, romantic dinners by the ocean..we have a resort for you.
  6. EducationMy belief is an educated traveler is a happy traveler. My team is certified, licensed, bonded, insured and well-traveled. Let us educate you on all of your options, you pick the best one with our expert guidance.

Contact us today to plan your family adventure. Call 877-825-6146 or email us at letstravel@thewdwguru.com. 

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