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30 Dec 2015

10 Things You Need to Know about Disney Cruise Dining!

Welcome back to our educational Disney Cruise series. Join us weekly as we discuss everything you need to know about cruising with Disney. If you are joining us for the first time click here to start from the beginning. Dining on a Disney Cruise is part of the attraction of the vacation. There is surely […]

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10 Dec 2015

Disney Cruise Line: Sea Sickness

Sea sickness, it happens, but be prepared and you’ll greatly reduce your chances. I was working with a family today and this topic came up, so I rummaged in our archives and found this great post. If you have already made the choice to cruise with Disney, you have done the right thing. If you […]

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29 Oct 2015

Star Wars Days on Disney Cruise Line

Who is excited about the upcoming Star Wars movie? Don’t forget that the Disney Cruise Line offers special themed cruises such as the Star Wars cruise. This link below will get you ready for Star Wars season and your Guru Travel Professional can get you right in the middle of the action! Star Wars Cruise […]

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27 Oct 2015

Why do we love Disney Cruising?

That is a question that gets asked all the time! Why is a Disney cruise your favorite? It’s simple. It’s magical. Over the years, we have explored many cruises and while each has its merits, we always end up going back to Disney cruises. There really is something for everyone. When my boys were little, […]

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21 Oct 2015

Budgeting 101~Disney Cruise Line

I am always looking for ways to cut corners when we travel to Disney and this is no exception when we cruise with Disney. From paying for my entire trip with discounted Disney Gift cards from Target, to crunching numbers to see if Disney transportation is the most cost-effective way to get to the port. […]

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08 Oct 2015

Staterooms on Disney Cruise Line-What Makes them Unique?

Welcome back to our 6 week Disney Cruise Line educations series. We are thrilled to teach you more about what makes a Disney Cruise the best next vacation choice for you. We know that picking a vacation for your family is an important one. Here at Guru Travel, we value your vacation dollar which is […]

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07 Oct 2015

How Beverages on a Disney Cruise Help You Save Money!

Welcome back to our Disney Cruise Line educational series. We have been chatting about the value of a Disney Cruise, dining and so much more. Catch up today so you don’t miss out on our expert advice. You read it correctly, beverages on Disney Cruise Line can help you save a ton of cash! When I […]

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06 Oct 2015

Family Togetherness Makes a Disney Cruise Priceless

Welcome back to our Disney Cruise Line educational series. If you are just arriving be sure to catch up here. In keeping with Walt Disney’s mission, Disney Cruise Line created a vacation experience that allows families to play together. Cruising with your family gives you the opportunity to disconnect and spend true quality time with […]

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05 Oct 2015

5 Expert Reasons to Book your Disney Cruise Early

Welcome back to our Disney Cruise Line educational series. If you are just starting today you can catch up here. Everyone wants to save money and maximize their hard-earned dollar. While Disney Cruise Line vacations can be a small investment, there are ways to get the lowest price possible without sacrificing any of the magic. […]

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21 Aug 2015

Cruising is a Great Tropical Getaway

Ahhh….who doesn’t love a cruise? I particularly like them in the winter months. They are a great escape from the cold weather. Personally, I think a tropical vacation is a must on every Mid-Westerner’s schedule. (Ok, everyone else too!) Cruises make for the perfect tropical vacation because you have the opportunity to visit multiple destinations […]

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