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As we get closer to out trip I have to I  to tackle more of my Disney to Do List. Today we worked on out Mousekeeping Tip Envelopes. I am a firm believer in tipping for service and when the service is a great as Disney’s I believe to tip for everything!! My favorite people to tip are the Mousekeepers. They make your trip extra magical by including the lovely towel creatures for you…and in some cases there are towel creatures waiting for you in your room at check-in. It is those little touches that make Disney so much more magical. Even though we are not there to thank our Mousekeeper for his/her wonderful service we like to show our thanks in another way.

It was not until 3 years ago that I decided to make daily tip envelopes for our trip. In all honesty, I did not read about them on a board but decided to do them after we got back from a trip where I never seemed to have the right amount of cash on my to leave for a tip, or I just plain forgot! After that I decided that it was important to get organized and plan ahead this way the Mousekeepers would not have to suffer and not receive a tip. I have read where people tip a larger sum at the beginning or end of their stay. The problem I see with that is that you are not sure that you have the same Mousekeeper daily so I decided to tip daily.

Each year we pull out the needed amount of envelopes for each night of our trip. The kids have a BLAST decorating the envelopes with stickers, markers and crayons. This year I am adding a label that Belinda created for us. The kids just LOVE making these envelopes. Plus it is just another activity to do to buy time while waiting for your trip to arrive. When the kids are done creating…put your money in the envelope and you are all budgeted and done with your tips for the week. This year only Lucas was available to help me with our envelopes but we have to create envelopes for the rest of the rooms in our party. I will assign Lexi and Logan this task. ;0)

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  • What a nice idea.This year was our first time trying a Disney resort, but we have an 8 night stay coming up in January. I’d love to do the tip envelopes. Would you mind if I ask for a general idea of how much you tip each day?

  • What a cutie! Yeah I wanted to make some for our last trip, but ran out of time (i.e. forgot). Fun to get your kid involved!

  • Heidi thanks for asking!! I tip $5 per day. We have 5 people so I figure that is fair. Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Thanks Jenn!! It was fun to make them helps buy the time until our trip!!

  • With a face (and art work) like that, you wouldn’t even need to stuff the envelopes! Of course Mousekeeping deserves every penny, and I bet you get the BEST towel animals!!

  • Awww…..you are so sweet!! Thank you kindly. Lucas sure is a cutie pie. :0) Thanks for stopping by!!

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