Things that Make Me Cry at Disney


This post was originally written for WDW Fan Zone another place I call my Disney blogging home. Enjoy!

So it happens to the best of us….we are at Walt Disney World enjoying family time all of the sudden it happens. A lump in the throat, your face turns red and before you know it, you are crying!! I would say that the average person cries when they just think about Walt Disney World…okay, okay….maybe not the average person, but true Disney fans do.

So today is all about the top 10 Disney things that make you cry….

10. Going- I have to say that the first thing that makes me cry, is getting to the day that we actually leave to go to Walt Disney World!! The feeling of waking up in the morning and saying to yourself, that you would not rather be in any other person’s shoes right now. Just you, your family and Disney….it could not get any better than that.

9. Magical Express- For some reason that quirky music on the bus brings me to tears. It is so annoying yet so Disney. There is nowhere else in the world that you can go and hear that strange yet welcoming sound.

8.Main Street USA-The First Moment you walk down Main Street USA, it makes all of the planning and anticipation real. You know you are home!

7.Food & Wine-Walking through the crowds at F&W is the best feeling in the world…makes me so happy that I cry. I just feel so blessed to be there enjoying the wonderful events with all of the people that I love.

6.Parades- Watching my kids watch the parades in awe. Just being there with my kids is such a dream. It is the one place we can go together and forget the world for 1 week.

5.Wishes– There is something about being at Disney, seeing amazing fireworks and hearing the Wishes soundtrack all at the same time. It really gets me going.

4.Montage at the end of The Great Movie Ride- I have no idea why but that montage gets me all choked up every single time I see it. I just appreciate the way film has moved me over the years and the way that it has brought me together with all of the people I love in my life.

3.The Let the Memories Begin Commercial- Every single time I see this commercial I cry. It seems to be everywhere I look, the Disney Store, on TV on the internet. When I see it, it truly captivates me and just brings all sorts of emotions to fruition.

2.Leaving the parks for the last time- We always travel to Disney during the month of October. You will notice that on your way out of Magic Kingdom there is a sign carved out of pumpkins that says, “See Ya Real Soon.” When I know I am leaving Magic Kingdom for the very last time on that trip, I always take a picture of the sign and it is inevitable, I cry.

1.Magical Express Packet- The day before your departure home you receive a little packet on your door from Magical Express. That is by far the worst thing to see in the whole world. You then know that it is almost time to go home and back to reality…that truly makes me cry. :0(


There are so many more things that make me cry at Walt Disney World, but here you have my top 10 things that make me cry! What sorts of thing bring you to tears at Disney? We would LOVE to know!!

See ya real soon!




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  • My kids faces! I have the best picture ever of my son (10 at the time) when he met Chip and Dale. I was fighting tears as I was taking it!

  • Shannan that is so sweet!!!

  • I always cry when we start to drive home! We don’t go once a year, so I never know for sure when I’m going to make it back again! It’s hard leaving Disney behind and heading back to reality!

  • Tami I agree…the last few days before it is time to go home makes me so depressed…we wont even talk about the ride home. :0( Thanks for stopping by!

  • Like Tami, we don’t get to go but maybe once every two to three years on average, so not knowing when we will be back makes leaving tough. It is inevitable that when we are making the trip to the airport on the Magical Express bus that I will be bawling like a baby!!! It usually starts as soon as we sit down on the bus and stops…. well, we were there last December and I think I’m gonna cry now just thinking about it!!! 🙂

  • Everything Disney makes me cry! I am such a sap lately! All the commercials, the fireworks, the characters, thinking about going, I just can’t hold it in!! I LOVE it there!!

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