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Saving time at Disney is almost as much fun as saving money! Who wants to spend their Walt Disney World vacation waiting in long lines? There are ways to control your time by utilizing Disney’s Fastpass.  This is a FREE program for all ticket holding patrons to take advantage of. It is important to understand the system before you try to use it. It is important to remember that all four Disney theme park’s top attractions have Fastpass for your convenience.

What is it?

When you use Fastpass you will skip the lines at Disney’s most popular attractions. This system is a free automated reservation system.  It enables you to use the express line later in the day upon your return. In order to get a Fastpass, you will insert your park ticket into the Fastpass reservation machine. These machines are located at the start of the attraction line…no worries about figuring it out, there are usually Cast Members there to answer any questions you may have.  Once you enter your ticket into the machine, it will return your ticket along with your Fastpass.

How does it work?

When you insert your park ticket into the Fastpass machine you will get back a ticket that will be stamped with your reservation time. This time will be a one hour window. Unfortunately, you are unable to pick your return time, but you are able to see the return time at the machine bank.    When you return back to the attraction at your reservation time, simply show your Fastpass to the Cast Member at the front of the line and enter in the Fastpass lane.  You will not be able to get any more Fastpasses until your reservation window has expired. It is important to be sure to have a plan before you get your Fastpasses.

Tips to help you:

  • Assign one person in your group to be the Fastpass boss. This person will be in charge of holding onto your party’s park tickets so that they can separate from the group and quickly obtain a Fastpass from the designated area. In addition, this person will also be in charge of paying attention to the expiration time so that they can get another Fastpass once your reservation window has expired.
  • It is important to always hold on to at least one Fastpass while you are at a park. Pick up your first Fastpass when you arrive at the parks in the morning and continue to get your Fastpasses throughout the day.
  • Do not worry if you miss your reservation window as the Fastpass will be honored for the rest of the day in which is was obtained.
  • Follow these steps throughout the day to help you save hours of time throughout your stay at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Keep in mind that this system was designed with you in mind. Only about half of  Walt Disney World travelers use this system. Take full advantage of this added benefit while you are playing at the parks.


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