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Money Saver Monday!!

In my quest to be a Disney saver I came across a tip that could save you a boat load of money. A majority of Disney travelers will find themselves eating at a Disney counter service restaurant at least once over the course of their Disney vacation. You will find that when you are deciding what to eat from the menu that almost everything is listed as a meal or a combo. For example, a sandwich with fries  or fruit or possibly a pizza and a side salad.  Here is the secret folks….everything on the menu can be ordered a la carte!!

Don’t feel forced to get the fries or the salad if you wont eat it or you don’t want it. This can actually save you about $2 per meal per person. In addition, you can ask for a FREE cup of ice water and save on the drink as well. Unfortunately, you cannot order off of the kids menu this way as those are only sold as meals.

Here’s to happy savings at Walt Disney World!!

Do you have a money saving tip you would like featured on Disney Guru? I would love to hear from you and give you credit for your ideas. Contact me at to submit your ideas.

See ya real soon!!



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