Packing for Disney


“Packing for Disney” – written by The Monthly Mouse



You’ve been counting sleeps, days, months, hours and now your time to go “home” is here. Time to pack!! But wait, what should you bring? Whether you are traveling by air or car, there are many of the same things you need for both.

Each person’s needs are different, but this is just a guideline and I’d love to hear what you bring that is not mentioned.

For the Trip Itself

• Enough outfits for half of your trip. Yes, I said half. The reason being is that you can do laundry at your hotel, therefore, allowing you to pack lighter. If you are staying 7 days, pack 4 outfits.

• A comfortable pair of sneakers that are already broke in. You will be doing some serious walking every day and you will need something that will keep up with you.

• A pair of sandals or flip flops for hitting the pool.

• Diapers and wipes if traveling with un-potty trained children. Also, don’t forget to bring swim diapers as well.


• Rain ponchos . . .of course I like the Mickey Mouse ones at the park and still have mine from several years ago.

• Reusable water bottles!!! Water is free in the park, so save the pop/soda for meal time and drink water while visiting the park to stay hydrated

• Sunscreen, even in the winter months, and use it.

• Snacks for the kids to bring inside the park. Great for keeping them happy while waiting in lines and for parades.

• A small box of laundry soap and dryer sheets for washing your clothes. It’s also a great way to meet new people by sharing your detergent with other guests. It’s the Disney way.

• A list of your Disney Dining Plan reservation numbers in case there are any problems.

• A camera with rechargeable batteries and memory cards.

• And of course, what you would normally pack when traveling.


When Flying

• Your tickets, but I doubt that you will forget those.

• Some small snacks for the plane as most do not offer them anymore.

• Cash for lay-overs.

• Your hotel information and phone numbers if your flight should be delayed.

• Comfy shoes that are easy to get on and off for security checks.


When Driving

• A cooler with drinks

• Snacks that are easy to handle. Such as cheese cubes, fruit snacks, animal crackers, and soft granola bars.

• Small, light blankets and travel pillows

• Maps and GPS. Don’t fully trust a GPS as they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

• Entertainment for the kids such as activity books, travel games, and surprises (small toys, favorite candy)

• A sense of humor and patience.


For more information on traveling by car, I wrote an article last month titled, “Four Wheels and Disney Bound”. Think of it as a survival guide to driving with the family.

Now, this list will vary depending on when you are traveling and is open to modification. But for summer travel to “The Greatest Place on Earth”, I think this is a great starter. The most important thing you need to bring with you, however, is an open heart and mind so that the magic of Disney not only fills you up inside, but stays with you long after you leave.

Till next time, keep smiling!!

Theresa Cook (The Monthly Mouse)




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  • Or – if you have a really little one, pack double. In June, there were days we changed our 18 month old 3 times in 1 day.. He’s a mess plus LOVES the fountains (and we didn’t think to bring a swim suit to Animal Kingdom!), but great list over all!

  • Jenn I agree about the clothes for a little one. We typically pack for 4 days and then do laundry but baby clothes are so small that you can pack double. Love those splash pads…they are awesome on a hot day!

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