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Attraction Tuesday!!

For the month of May we have been doing a tribute to Epcot. For the past 3 Tuesday’s we have discovered some of the many secrets of Epcot. This week I want to share some Epcot tidbits with you. These are almost along the lines of Hidden Mickey’s but not quite. The magic is in the small details and if you are a new or seasoned Disney traveler you sure can appreciate the small attention to details.

Enjoy the Epcot Tidbits!!


  • The aquarium at the Living Seas attraction is so big that Spaceship Earth will fit inside it with some room to spare!
  • See the dancing water fountain behind Spaceship Earth (watch the water flow backwards!).
  • Notice the paths around the World Showcase lagoon are red – this is to make the grass appear to be greener.
  • Play in the ‘magic water fountain’ on the walkway between FutureWorld and the World Showcase.
  • Take photos of yourself and email them to friends and family at Innoventions West.
  • Take a 10 second video clip of yourself and email to friends and family back home at Innoventions East.

World Showcase

  • Be in Germany (the Clock Tower) on the hour and watch two Hummel figurines come out of the clock.
  • Find the secret garden in the UK – go down the path that is on the French side of the Rose and Crown pub.
  • Stand exactly in the middle of the room at the temple in China and hear your voice echo – the room is acoustically perfect.
  • As you enter Japan, the statue to the right was a gift from the governor of Japan for the Magic Kingdom, but it was moved to Epcot when Epcot opened.
  • Find Belle’s library in France.
  • In Italy, look out for the red buttons that say ‘press for a surprise’ – when you press these buttons water squirts out from different locations (look for where the water comes from then wait for an unsuspecting guest to walk by!)
  • The roof on the Norway pavilion has grass on it – cast members climb up onto the roof and trim the grass with clippers (as they do not have goats).

I would love to hear any extra Epcot Tidbits that you may know about. Feel free to share them in the comment section below. Thank you so very much for following Disney Guru!!

See ya real soon!!


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  • Wow, those are so neat! I can’t wait to find some of these on our next trip. I love the one in Italy – how fun 🙂

  • I know…in my research I was having a blast with all of these. I have a ton more for the other parks that I think I will be sharing throughout the summer. :0)

  • Where are the red buttons in italy? We looked everywhere but could not find them.

  • Behind the shops where the fountains are. Thanks for stopping by!! :0)

  • The can be found behind the shops around the fountains. Look for the buttons that say press for a surprise. Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Please help! Looked all over for buttons and could not locate. Are they back near the pizzeria? Near the fountain to the right? Help!

  • Found them last Saturday! Kids had a blast squirting people.

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