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Money Saver Monday!!

If you are traveling with children, you know that you are going to be asked to buy something at Walt Disney World at least 10 times per day, if not more.  Disney as great as they are, has strategically placed merchandise around the parks that will immediately draw the attention of your child’s eye.  I mean come on, we said it more than once, everything Disney does, they do well. :0)  There are several options for ways to keep more money in your pocket while still allowing your children those fun Disney souvenirs.

Frequent the Disney Store as they almost always have sales on fun items for all ages…including you. :0) If you do not have a Disney Store near you, you can visit Disneystore.com and check out there latest deals. They have a plethora of Disney Parks merchandise as well as Disney Store items for your shopping pleasure.  When we shop beforehand, we pack or ship all of the goodies and then give the kids small gifts throughout the week. This method seems to work best with my smaller children.

Disney Gift Cards offer the very best way to control your spending. You can purchase these gift cards at your local Disney Store, at Disnystore.com, and even at some local retail stores. If you purchase them at the Disney Store they can come in any denomination, if you chose to get them at Disneystore.com or a local retailer they come in any denomination from $25-$500 and shipping is FREE!! We usually like to give Disney Gift Cards as allowance, and we also ask for them for the kids as small gifts for Easter, stocking stuffer’s and b-day gifts.  The kids just love having their very own “Disney Credit Card”…lol…to purchase their fun souvenirs with.

The best piece of advice I have when trying to stick to the souvenir budget at Disney is to set limits. The options above are two great ways that have worked for me. I would love to hear about how you stick to your Disney souvenir budget.

See ya real soon!!



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  • Great post Kelly! In short … I never stick to my budget! 😛 I only take a certain amount of money with me but the good old credit card always ends up coming out towards the end of my trips! 😛 I just can’t help myself! lol!

  • Manda thank you so much for stopping by!! I also only take a certain amount of money and only my debit card. This way I try to think before I spend but sometimes that doe snot happen…lol.

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