Flashback Friday: Send a Package to Disney and Save

Welcome to Flashback Friday! We have pulled our top read posts of all time from our Disney Guru vault. We are super excited to be sharing this valuable information with all of our fans once again. Enjoy! 

Money Saver Monday!!
The past few years that I have traveled to Disney World, I have had small children with me. I was always worried that I was going to need to purchase a TON of snacks and such in the park. This could really put a strain on the budget for sure…I mean come on, I did not want to give up my Mickey ears ice cream cone treat because I had to purchase snacks for the kiddos!!! :0)

I decided to ship a box of snacks and other items to the resort. Things I would put in the box would include: take and toss cups, apple juice drink mix-in’s, granola bars, Goldfish Crackers, fruit snacks, snack size cereal box’s, bowls, spoons, napkins, wipes, diapers(if needed), and sometimes my cosmetics. The box usually costs me about $25-$30 to ship. Ship the box ten days before you depart.

Here is what the address label should read:

Hotel Name
In care of Your Name
Hotel Address
Your reservation Number and date of arrival

Get shipping confirmation on your box. As soon as you see it has arrived, call the hotel directly and confirm that they have it. I have never had a problem shipping my box. The only time I was a bit surprised was when I stayed at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Conference Center. Because this is also a convention center they charged me to hold my box. I believe that it was $15.

Do you have any money saving tips and ideas? Email the Guru at Kelly@thewdwguru.comI will be sure to add your tip on our site.


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