Get Out of Your Travel Comfort Zone Already!

Family Travel

Family travel is a BIG deal! Just a couple of days ago we spoke about why we believe in it so much. There is a ton of positive data as is relates to families that travel. After a ton of research the Family Travel Association shows that many family travelers fall into the range of a cautious traveler. See what that means below:

  • Concerns about affordability and value.
  • Concerns about trustable information.
  • Concerns about cleanliness, safety, healthcare and security in unfamiliar destinations.
  • Concerns about maintaining healthy diets while on vacation as well as worries about food related conditions.
  • Concerns about providing children with experiences which are iconic and full of culture.
  • Concerns about children being bored.

If you are worried about any of these, you fall into the cautious traveler category. The great news is, we specialize in vacations for the cautious family traveler. We know where to send you based on your concerns. And our passion is actively inspiring you and your family to try something new!

Here’s what we are doing about it! 

Join me for an informative chat about traveling beyond destinations you already know. I am going to open up the possibilities of travel to you through useful tips and information to help you get started. You will leave our chat armed with the peace of mind and ease of traveling internationally. In addition, you will learn about some great bargains to be found for your family. Travel is important for your the education and spiritual development of your family. We are excited to share it with you! Click below register for my event.

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