05 Apr 2016

Get Wet at Disney Parks!

Get Wet at Walt Disney World: Tips for Staying Cool

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The heat is on in Orlando! There are many ways to beat the heat but there is no better way then to actually get wet while you are at the parks.

Utilize park amenities

If you are going to stay at the parks during the heat, make sure you know all of the amenities out there to help you stay cool. One great thing is that Disney has a TON of indoor attractions. The only park that has limited shade and air-conditioning is Animal Kingdom.  Many of the parks have water rides that you can enjoy and cool off on at the same time. In addition to attractions that may get you wet, all parks even have misters for your cooling pleasure.

Attractions that you may get wet on:

  • Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom
  • Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom

Mister stations around the world

Magic Kingdom

  • Tomorrowland Cool Scanner
  • Step under the camel at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin at Magic Kingdom, the camel has such bad manners and spits at you..haha.
  • There are Tiki’s in Adventureland that have misters and randomly shoot out streams of water. The kids have a blast at this one!! Okay so do I!!


  • There is a splash pad located in Future World just by Mission Space and Test Track. Make sure you bring extra clothes for your little ones as they will get soaked here.
  • If you do not want to get soaked, there are misters right by Ellen’s Energy Adventure in Future World.
  • Cool Wash is one of my favorites!! It is located right by Test Track…this is not a place where you will get soaked but offers misters and a ton of car fun!
  • There are more misters located on the pathway as you walk from Future World to World Showcase.


Animal Kingdom

  • There is a large set of misters located near Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Africa.
  • Kali River Rapids….beware, you can get SOAKED!


Hollywood Studios

  • This one is a magical secret but there is an umbrella that represents the Singing in the Rain scene with Gene Kelly. Not only does standing under it make for a great photo but give that thing a pull and see what happens….haha.
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid has a light mist  throughout the show. No worries you wont get soaked.
  • The Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie set has a minor water feature where kids can get wet.
  • There is a large Coke display in font of the Backlot Tour that sprays water…fun!!

My Disney mom loves her Coke!!

How do you stay cool at Disney World? Share your tips with us!

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